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Review: Four Day Fling by Emma Hart

One of my favorite movies to watch when I'm in the mood for a good chick flick is the Wedding Date. This books has a touch of a feel like this movie. And when I say a touch, I mean like the only thing they really have in common is that Poppy, our main character, asks a guy to be her date at her sister's destination wedding. That's it. Regardless, I love the Wedding Date, and I absolutely adored Four Day Fling.

Story Line: Poppy's sister is getting married and she has a dilemma. She needs a date to the wedding so her over judgmental mother (girlfriend, I feel you more than you will ever know) will leave her the heck alone. So who does she ask? The guy she just had a one night stand with. Seems logical, right? The crazy part? He totally agrees to it. Adam and Poppy had a hot night together after meeting at a bar. They know first names. That's it. Yet he agrees to be her wedding date. What he probably should have told her ahead of arriving for the festivities? Oh, just that he's an uber famous hockey player. You know, no big deal, right? Well, it makes things interesting that's for sure. And once the wedding is over and it's time to end things, they can walk away - no harm, no fowl. WRONG. Thank the Lord Adam isn't a typical male and removes his head from his arse before it's too late.

Interaction: Poppy is a red head, with a personality to match. She's fiesty, determined and independent. However, when it comes to her mother? She's reduced to feeling like she's not good enough. All of that confidence is gone. And holy crap, could I relate. My mom had a very high expectation for me growing up and I remember feeling like I would never be good enough for her all throughout high school. Fast forward 15 years, and honestly? Yep, still feeling the same way. So I related to Poppy's character on a very personal level. When she would dread going to somewhere knowing her mom was there, or when she would prep Adam before an event that involved family? Yep, been there and done that. Thank the lord Adam is a hottie with a heart of gold. Because even with all of Poppy's quirks, he falls head over heals for her.

Laundry: When a book starts immediately following laundry, I just know, deep in my soul it's going to be a good one. And that's exactly what happened with Four Day Fling. Poppy is awkward. Adam is smooth and delicious. So when they hit the sheets? It's momentarily funny, but all together hot, hot, hot.

Depth: Even though this book takes place over the course of a week (for the most part) there's a ton of family drama that adds layer after layer of depth. Mom issues. Sister issues. Weird and odd aunts and uncles. Check yes to all of those boxes. But it makes for a super funny, super sweet and sexy as sin book. I ate this book up like a bag of sour cream and cheddar chips (my fav). I loved it and would recommend every single one of you picking it up to read ASAP.

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