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Review: Give In by Layla Frost

I finished Give In nearly 24 hours ago and have been staring at my computer screen for the past hour trying to find words great enough to encompass everything that this book is. I have been rocked to my core and I'm fairly certain I will never be the same again. Give In is one of those books that will leave an impression on you the rest of your life - the the very best way.

Story Line: Damien Caine is a professor . Eden is a student in one of his classes. It is no secret that pretty much every female on campus would do just about anything to catch the eye of the so-hot-it-should-be-illegal teacher. Eden has eyes, so of course she knows he's seriously good looking, however she also has her eyes on the prize - graduation, making it on her own, landing a killer job, etc. The job she's currently holding to pay for school? Yeah, slightly less than desirable. Okay, that's a flat out lie. It's a last resort hotel situation. And her apartment on the wrong side of town isn't much better. But all of that aside, Eden has caught the eye of Hottie McHotterson. Lines are crossed, secrets are revealed, boundaries are pushed - oh Lord are they pushed. This book is not your typical teacher/student taboo romance. It's naughty, sweet Jesus is it naughty. But the depth, complexity and everything swirling around in between creates a story I have been craving with every breath of my being, yet somehow had no idea I was missing. I laughed at the sassiness of Eden's character, I cringed at the awkwardness of certain scenes, my fingers and toes zinged with the heat these two created just being in the same city as one another and I even cried for Eden. I cried for the girl she used to be and the fight she had to put up to make it where she is today. So, you see, it's not an embellishment when I say this book made me feel EVERYTHING deep down to my soul.

Interaction: Damien is alpha, through and through. But he's a level of alpha I have only dreamed about reading. He takes everything to the extreme. He feels more than any leading man I've ever read about. And he's so dang intelligent. So he knows what he's feeling is wrong. He knows the obsession he has developed over Eden is wrong on every single account, but he literally gives zero effs. He crosses the line. He visits her at work time and time again. Nothing can keep him away. She calls him a stalker and he is darn near proud of that. And as much as beautiful Eden fights it, she craves him as much as he craves her. That doesn't mean she doesn't use the word "no" like it will protect her from the intensity of their chemistry. And the way he calls her a liar? God, the way that word comes full circle is absolutely brilliant.

Laundry: I want to type for HOURS about this part of Give In. But I want y'all to experience the zings and stomach flips with the same intensity I did. I will say this - I have NEVER in all the years I've been reading felt the laundry scenes as much as I did here. Every single time Damien brought Eden to the brink of ecstasy, I kid you not, I was right there with her. Frustrated and screaming at my Kindle like I was the one sexually frustrated. Never in all my life would I have thought I was into delayed gratification - since I'm probably the most impulsive shopper on the planet - but MAN. Layla just uncovered a whole other side to my fantasies. And my husband wanted me to say THANK YOU. ;)

Depth: What made me love this book was everything it wasn't. It wasn't a story that cut straight to the laundry. It didn't avoid character building. It wasn't weak. Eden's character irritated me until, before I knew it, I was loving her. I loved every fight she put up. Every no, when she desperately wanted to say yes. And for the job she held even though it's my least favorite for a character to have. Eden is strong beyond any words could ever try to describe. She's a fighter and such an inspiration. And Damien with his kinks, his obsession, his unrelenting devotion. If there is a stronger connection out there in this beautiful romance world, I have yet to read it. I will be reading this book over and over again because it is that freaking beautiful. Professor Caine, you just became my number one book boyfriend. So back off ladies, he's mine.

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