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Review: Give Me Fever by Jasmine & Arielle Lockhart

If you're looking for a small town romance, second chance romance, enemies to lovers, country vibe romance, or just romance period, Give Me Fever is absolutely the book for you. Sisters Jasmine and Arielle Lockhart created a phenomenal story about giving love a second chance. I was sucked into their Cajun style story instantly, and literally could not put the book down until I had finished it. And now, I'm waiting for book 2 like it's my job.

Story Line: Jessa and Jackson were high school sweethearts. They married almost right out of high school, but after difficult loss, they split. Now, 6 years post divorce, Jackson is back in town from the big bad city, and he needs a favor from his gorgeous ex. But his ex isn't a push over. She's a strong and incredibly smart woman who takes zero crap from anyone, especially that ex- hubby of hers. Give Me Fever follows these two as they find their way back into each other's lives, and quite possibly their hearts. Jackson is cocky as ever. Honestly, cocky hero's walk a thin line for me. I either love them or cringe every time they say something about how amazing they are. Thankfully, Jackson had my swooning and tripping over my own feet. Jessa wasn't so easily won over. They play games with one another, which is also usually a big no-no for me, but for these two, it just works. At times their push and pull of emotions is gentle and flirtatious, and at other time the angst is so toe tingling, you almost can't take it. But in the end, Jessa and Jackson get their happily ever after and it was totally worth the wait.

Interaction: Jessa (absolutely adore her name, btw) is a country girl through and through. She works on her farm every single day. She works hard, she doesn't complain, but she also takes pride in her work. She is serious career goals for me. Not even joking. I may live in the city, but heart belongs in the country. Of course, where Jessa and I differ, is she has a green thumb. She excels at growing peppers. I couldn't grow a weed even if I tried. True story. But with Jackson back, their banter from 6 years ago is back too. They interact like he never left (you know, except for those jabs about him leaving and all that). I love that Jessa has such a great relationship with his family still. Her family is gone, and his family took her in long before that detail came to light. And the sense of family in this book is strong. So strong. It may be my favorite detail even.

Laundry: Hello slow burn. You are my favorite burn. Ever. Jessa and Jackson are not virgins. I mean, hello, they were married once upon a time. But for them to get back to that place, a whole heck of a lot needs to happen first. And you know there's the whole who will break first situation too. But once they throw the rules out the window, it's game on. And oh mama, they light that bed on fire. So hot.

Depth: I've been debating whether or not to put this in my review, because I don't want it to be misconstrued as a negative thought. Because I mean this, whole heartedly, as a compliment. Give Me Fever gave me serious Sweet Home Alabama meets the Princess and the Frog vibes. Now before you say I'm insane, hear me out. The setting is Louisiana and I have young kids, therefore Disney movies are relatable in every aspect of my life. Sweet Home Alabama because 1) southern 2) one goes off and makes a name for themselves while the other stays put. There are other tiny details that give me SHA vibes, but I'll let you figure those out on your own. This book blew my mind. It was funny, sweet, smoking hot and so much more. Believe me, once you finish, you'll be just like me - looking for a book 2 release date and praying it's soon. 5 giant pepper shaped stars.

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