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Review: Grasping For Air by KL Donn

6 times. 6 times I threw myself into the dark, forbidden, underground world of the Adair Empire. Never, in all the years I've been reading, have I ever been so invested in a fictitious world as I have of this one so intricately created by KL. To say I'm sad this is the final installment is quite the understatement. I have made it abundantly clear in my previous reviews that I'm not a gore fan. I avoid scary movies like the plague. But this series? I would recommend it over and over and over again. The characters. Their world. Their love. It's all so sinfully flawless.

Story Line: I was tickled pink that this story not only followed these characters, but also gave us glimpses of the previous 5 couples. The final couple? Sigh. Where do I even begin? Everything about them is slightly taboo. Their story is probably the most naughty of all the couples, but to my surprise, it was one of the less gruesome. There were definitely hard to swallow elements, let's not get ahead of ourselves or anything. But I'm happy to report, I did not have to read about "fountains of blood". Gross. In all seriousness, I get the gore. I do. After reading each couple's story, I understand why it was necessary. Each time there was torture, blood or fights, (as much as it made me totally on edge to read) I know it was essential to their stories. Because this empire would not be the power house it is without it.

Interaction: The Adair men - all of them - are the epitome of ALPHA males. They communicate with short sentences, grumbles and to the point conversations. With their significant others? That's a different story. Communication is done through small amounts of words and hefty amounts of physical touches. This couple is no different. I didn't think it would be possible to top the previous women, but Danika will always be my favorite. Her strength, acceptance and openness to love is something I admire and respect immensely. Her story is probably the most grand of them all when you bring in the other D's. Their story touched my soul in a way I don't think any other character grouping can. It made me open my eyes, mind and heart to connections that are bigger than I could ever fathom. I will feel their attachment long after I finish writing this review.

Laundry: Sigh. Major freaking sigh. There were some first for me in the laundry reading department. With that being said, a cherry has been popped. My head is still reeling. I've replayed certain scenes in my head a hundred times and each time a small part of my brain wants to say no, that's wrong, but I can't. I can't dislike a single thing I read. The amount of passion my greedy eyes consumed is almost too much. Almost. Instead, KL teetered on the edge of overflow and came away with some of the most gracefully naughty words I have ever read.

Depth: This world was crafted to perfection. Each individual character brought to the table a new dimension of twisted dark and light. With each connection made, another layer to the overall story was added. I cannot imagine a better ending to this series. These characters - their love, devotion and protectiveness to one another, is everything I have ever wanted in a novel. The heartache I endured during this final installment was worth every single second. I laughed, I cried and my heart beat so hard everyone around me could hear it. I expected nothing less.

Thank you KL Donn for opening my eyes to a world greater than anything I could have ever imagined. You painted the Adair universe with such vivid colors it was impossible for me not to feel like I was living in it right along side these perfectly constructed characters. Thanks to you, I feel like I've finally opened my heart to all shapes and forms of love stories.

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