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Review: Happy Hour by Piper Rayne

I seriously love the Charity Case series. Like hard core - possibly minor obsession level. These characters are the perfect blend of hilarious, witty and sexy. I am so glad we don't have to wait too terribly long for the next series by this dynamic duo!

Story Line: Hannah is the resident tough cookie. Book 1 is about Victoria and Reed. Remember Victoria? Newly single mom that we all fell in love with because of how sweet and sassy she is? Right. Then book 2 was about Chelsea and Dean, who were equally hilarious and swoon worthy. Now, fast forward a bit and we finally get to Hannah and Roarke's story. Hannah is the older and wiser of the 3 ladies. And Roarke is the older man with the rock hard body and...here's the kicker - he was her ex husband's divorce attorney. YIKES. Roarke pursues Hannah pretty steadily. He has connections she needs and uses those to his advantage. And after time and super funny banter, these two final get on the same page. And it's magic.

Interaction: I'm pretty sure the banter and witty conversation was arguably my favorite part of this series. Maybe it's because these ladies inner monologues are pretty spot on with the craziness that runs through my head too? But their conversations and relationships are so incredibly real that I found myself falling further and further into their funny and beautiful world.

Laundry: Okay, I'm going to be really real. Like TMI real. I'm 32 years old. My hubs is 33. I like to think our laundry is pretty epic- you know, when the baby actually sleeps through the night and doesn't wake me up at 1:30 and 3:30am. ANYWAYS, Roarke and Hannah are full out GOALS. I mean, wow. Just wow. I have complete faith that my hubby will have the same longevity that Roarke has because oh mama. He was so hot.

Depth: Hannah was burned pretty bad by her ex husband so she definitely has some hang ups when it comes to another relationship. As in, she wants no part of a relationship. And Roarke doesn't have the perfect past either. What I loved so, so hard, was how open he was (at first) with Hannah about where he comes from and how he became the man he is today. He had a couple slip ups and boy, so did Hannah. But their struggle to come to terms with their inevitable relationship was pure Disney magic. Okay, not really Disney, but if Disney had a channel for mom's in their 30's, this is the kind of stuff I would be binge watching on it.

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