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Review: Hard As Stone by K.M. Scott

Words can not express how truly excited I was when I learned the Heart of Stone series was continuing on with the triplets. And the first book to continue on with is the beloved only son? SIGN. ME. UP. Ethan looks like his handsome dad, but his work ethic? Well as long as it involved beautiful models, he's good to go. He's a playboy, with no intention of settling down. Until he meets Summer. Lines blur, feelings erupt and what we are left with is an epic love story fit for a Stone.

Story Line: Ethan is a successful photographer for fashion. He makes a living off photographing beautiful women. He meets Summer at a photo shoot where she's coordinating the day. They have drinks, one thing leads to another and that's that. Except no. As much as they want to leave it as a one night thing, they can't. But it's not all rainbows and kittens for these two. Secrets tear them apart more than once. There were numerous times I found myself yelling at Ethan or wishing I could talk sense into Summer. But alas, they're fictional so my frustrations were taken out on my poor husband. He's a trooper. Don't feel bad for him. He reaps the benefits elsewhere. Anywho, I loved getting to reconnect with Nina and Tristan - so freaking much. I loved seeing those characters again and seeing how their love is very much still a live. I swear, I live for these spin off books. They make my heart pitter patter. All the feels. ALL OF THEM.

Interaction: Ethan is like the bad boy gone good we are all hoping to snag for ourselves. The playboy turned settled down man. And Summer is the one to do it. I identified with Summer on so many levels. She describes her stomach as soft and fluffy and from that moment on, I knew she was my spirit animal. She's insecure and self conscious. And I'm like honey, you're my new best friend. Because that's totally me. She tells Ethan she's not good enough for him. And, I kid you not folks, I've said those exact same words to my hubby. So yeah, to say I loved these characters, would be the understatement of the century.

Laundry: Even if you haven't read the Heart of Stone series, you know KM brings the heat. The zings sent through my fingertips while reading these laundry scenes, has my fingers still buzzing. Ethan and Summer have some seriously hot chemistry. Ethan makes a comment about good girls being wild in bed... so freaking true. I loved their first time as much as I loved the final laundry scene. It's hot. It's sweaty. It's over and over again. And you're welcome.

Depth: True to the series, Ethan comes with baggage. Secrets that create hefty baggage. I will say that for the majority of this book I was trying to figure out what Ethan kept so guarded and locked away from the world. At one point, when I thought we were going to find out, I yelled "Oh come on!" out loud. At work. YEAH. Had to play that one off like I received an e-mail that annoyed me. Oops. But when the truth is revealed, it's earth shattering. I had tears rolling down my face before I could even think to try and stop them. The pain. The ache. All of it. The entire Stone family are warriors. And I will forever love them.

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