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Review: Hard Sell by Lauren Layne

I don't think I've ever read a book with a more appropriate title. Seriously though. The couple's relationship. The guy's job. Her job. They all tie into the Hard Sell name. And you know how you're not supposed to pick a book based on it's cover? Yeah...I broke a rule or two here. I saw that title, with that hottie on the cover and said "oh honey, I will most definitely not be a hard sell for you". Corny? Sure. True? Totally.

Story Line: Matt is a crazy successful "wolf of wallstreet". Sabrina is the best public relations rep in the business. How do they meet? Through mutual BFF Ian (see book 1 of the series). So, they've been in each other's lives for quite a while, but it isn't until Matt decides to get a little cray-cray in Vegas that their lives truly intertwine. Now, I know what you're thinking. Rich guy hires fixer girl to repair his image. Been there. Done that. Right? WRONG. There is so much more to Matt and Sabrina's story than the general story line. There's back story, first of all. There's history. There are grudges, weird families and the weight of the world on their shoulders. All of that adds up to a a uniquely complex, yet beautifully executed love story about two people who tip toe down the line of love and hate.

Interaction: Welcome to Matt and Sabrina's world of snarky, sarcastic banter. Oh, the snark. How I love the snark. Their interactions are funny, witty and full of raw magnetism. Because these two have known each other as long as they have, they never beat around the bush. They are crazy straight forward with one another. To a certain extent at least. You know, until the inevitable happens. But even then, I love how they can communicate with one another without even saying a single word.

Laundry: Matt certainly knows his way around a woman's body. Let's just start by saying that. Sweet lord, he's total book boyfriend material. And let me just say, make up/angry laundry is quickly becoming my favorite to read about. Because holy crap, I may quite literally tick off my hubby tonight just so I can try and recreate the hotness that I just read. No, of course I would NEVER upset my hubby on purpose... (insert evil laugh here).

Depth: What sets this story apart from the others with the same general (I use this word very loosely) plot line, is the history. Matt's family adds quite a bit of complexity to his character, as does Sabrina's. They both have been burned by the cards they were dealt at a young age. So of course, they are cynical. But that cynical mindset is what causes so much hesitation, but causes some seriously hot as Hades angst between them. They put up a valiant fight. However, I'm happy to report, they get their version of a perfect happily ever.

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