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Review: Holding Onto Kinsley by Elisa Leigh

I was honored to receive an ARC of Holding Onto Kinsley from the uber talented Elisa Leigh earlier today. And I'm already writing this review. What does that tell you? YEAH. I legit inhaled this book. And honestly I didn't know what to expect. The excerpt said it's about a musician. And musicians and me don't really mesh. I dated a guy for 4 and a half years who was going to college for music. It ended badly. He was a total douche. Blah, blah, blah, that's a sob story for another day. But musician stories aren't my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised to love this book regardless of that little detail in this story line.

Story Line: Kinsley is a single mama who has a tough past. She married a guy who she thought was right for her. Except he ended up being the opposite of what she wanted or needed. She moves. Changes her name. And starts over fresh for her and her baby girl. She meets deliciously tall and gorgeous Maverick at her job as a bartender. He's the hired musician. And it's definite immediate attraction. But Kinsley has been burned and scarred by love in the past so she's not so quick to give in to her feelings. Maverick is understanding- God love him, but also super alpha male yumminess, so he gives her a smidge of time. As their story unfolds, Mav falls head over heals for both Kinsley and her daughter but it can't be all rainbows and unicorns for these two. Kinsley's ex makes sure of that. So, it's a bumpy road full of pot holes, but thank you baby Jesus these two get their HEA.

Interaction: Maverick is the definition of contradiction. He is the sweetest and most gentle alpha I've ever read. But he's also very "take charge" alpha. So, yes, he's patient with Kinsley. But they are also living together within the blink of an eye. What's funny is I didn't even realize how fast they were moving until I finished the book. Because as you're reading everything flows beautifully. You don't realize that all of these events are happening over the course of a couple weeks, not months or years. I'm absolutely not complaining about this because, like I said, it's beautifully written and works perfectly for this couple.

Laundry: The fact that Maverick was able to wait more than a hot second to get down and dirty with Kinsley is nothing short of a miracle. The instant attraction these two have is so dang hot. I was fanning myself from the moment they locked eyes. But sweet Maverick gives our girl time to come around to the idea that he's her forever. Um, hello, SWOON. But once they do get to the good stuff, OH LORDY, it's so hot. The pages you need to wait to get to this stuff? TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Depth: There's a huge plot twist where the ex-husband is concerned that I honestly never saw coming. I mean, here I am reading at lightning speed and then BAM! I'm like WHAT?! I was ready to read an epilogue about their happy ending (ha! pun intended), but NO Elisa decided she had to throw some heart palpitations at me. Thankfully, the happily ever after wasn't far behind. But I will say, the craptastic ex brought a lot of depth to their story.

This book was excellent and a perfect summer read. It has just enough laundry, intensity and chemistry to wet every appetite. I definitely recommend picking this one up when it releases in just 3 days!

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