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Review: Hollywood Playboy by Natasha Madison

We all have those select authors who we never question. It's like the meme I posted in my group where the author says "I'm writing a new book! yay!" Said book has no title, cover, no plot and no release date. Me: Adds to my TBR list. When I heard NM was writing a new series after her incredible Love Story trilogy, I added them to my list instantly. Then, I realized these would be about Hollywood stars. And cringed. I know, I know. How dare I. But Hollywood is probably my least favorite trope. Now before y'all start bashing me, take a chill pill. I've created two teasers for this book and have basically told the author the sun shines out of her booty. So, yeah. I'm a huge freaking fan of this book.

Story Line: Jessica is a tabloid reporter. One of the best actually. I seriously hated this when I first read it. I LOATHE tabloids. However, with that being said, I may have despised her job, I do NOT despise HER. In fact, Jessica is probably my favorite NM heroine to date. Tyler is an A list celeb with a new movie coming out. His team thinks it would be a superb idea if they invited select media to join them on their promo tour. Enter Jessica. Except here's where one of my favorite tropes comes into play - enemies to lovers. That's right. Tyler cannot stand Jessica and vise versa. But the line between hate and love becomes blurry and then slowly disappears for these two. And their secret can't stay secret forever. A little warning for y'all, you're gonna hate NM around 80ish% of the book. I almost stopped reading just so I could throw a temper tantrum like my 17 month old. However, I was able to stop myself from sending hate mail, and can say this book DEFINITELY ends with the BEST HEA.

Interaction: Tyler and Jessica have so much chemistry from the start, I'm surprised my kindle didn't burst into flames from how hot it was. Even when they hated each other, the electricity that passed from their interaction through my kindle and into my fingers was incredible. I have never read such beautiful angst in all my life. Jessica and Tyler know what they feel is real, but they also know their feelings are like the lion falling in love with the lamb. They're supposed to be enemies. They're supposed to feel intense hatred toward one another according to society. Yet, their hearts tell a different story. And that story is what makes Hollywood Playboy the captivating story that will remain imprinted on my heart for years to come.

Laundry: Because this story begins as enemies, don't expect the naughty stuff on page 1. Jessica and Tyler need time to realize there is more than anger festering between them. But when things heat up? Make sure you put on your helmet, because it's about to get wild. These two are off the charts. Their laundry makes the rest of us look like we're amateurs. I mean seriously, the amount of rounds they go before giving in to sleep makes me so jealous. I have a new standard for how many rounds of laundry are acceptable before bed. My husband will be sending NM hate mail, I'm sure.

Depth: I went into this story thinking dang it, I hate Hollywood. And I finished this book thinking, okay maybe hate is the wrong word. Because I love celebrities but I also hate how their lives are never their own. Every single thing they do is on display for the world to see. THAT'S what I hate. And that topic is addressed with such beauty that I found even my cold distant heart warming to the idea of Hollywood romances. I mean, is it just me or is it super hot when you have to sneak around and pretend you're not banging the person sitting next to you? I sense some role playing in my future. Get ready hubby, we're going to Paris. HA. Just kidding. We have kids and work and yeah, Paris is expensive. Maybe I'll just meet him at the local hole in the wall bar and pretend I'm a celebrity and then we'll sneak off in the gross bathroom... nevermind. Changed my mind.

Bottom line: This book is written flawlessly. The story flows at the perfect pace to allow intrigue, angst, lust and all the heat. It will leave you with a huge book hangover and in a total state of denial that Tyler and Jessica's story is complete. But thank God, we have Hollywood Princess to look forward to.

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