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Review: Hollywood Princess by Natasha Madison

I don't think it has ever taken this long for me to formulate a response to a book. I finished Hollywood Princess 7 days ago. SEVEN. But every single time I sat down to type this review, nothing did it justice. Well, tomorrow is release day. So it's time to put some words down and try to explain to y'all how INCREDIBLE this book is.

Story Line: Kellie is our Hollywood Princess. She has won a grammy, a Tony and even an Oscar. She's hot on the music trail and has an idea for her first ever tour. She's going around the world in 90 days. But since she's such an in-demand celeb, she requires extra security measures. Insert sexy beast Brian. These two have crossed paths a time or two before during other engagements. But now? Now Brian is her very PERSONAL body guard. Now, I know what you're thinking, girl falls for body guard. Been there, done that right? WRONG. There is SO MUCH MORE to Kellie and Brian's story than pop star falls for big sexy man paid to keep her safe. There's so much more suspense than I ever imagined! This story is not all rainbows and unicorns. Oh no, this is dark knight meets country strong with hints of obsessed and netflix's you. Intrigued? As you should be.

Interaction: Can I just say I love these two main characters more than probably any other NM book. And that's saying a lot since Something So Unscripted is on my top 10 favorite books of all time list. Kellie is a force to be reckoned with. She is so calm, cool and collected. I mean, if I were a huge star, I would be completely ridiculous and embarrass myself on the daily. Just saying. And Brian is very similar, personality wise. Except for the whole forbidden attraction thing. One of these two fights the attraction. HARD CORE. And one of them says I do not give AF, let's do this thing. The push and pull between Kellie and Brian is so hot that I could have not read a single laundry scene and would have been quite alright. Their chemistry rivals Gaga and Cooper. Just saying.

Laundry: I know I said this book doesn't need laundry, but it's a helluva a nice bonus. And Kellie and Brian do NOT disappoint. Their foreplay laundry alone is enough to make their sheets go up in flames. Then when the real deal happens? LORD. I'm pretty sure my hubby will be singing NM's praises for the next month. YEAH. It's that hot.

Depth: Hollywood Princess is so much more than what you're imagining. Yes, please imagine a smoking hot forbidden love story. But also, keep your mind open to all that is Hollywood. Imagine you're a celebrity who constantly has a tail - paparazzi watching your every move. It's definitely not always pretty. Hollywood Princess does an incredible job of showing both sides to the celebrity coin. The beauty, the glamour, the pure and utter joy. But on the other side is darkness, creepers and fear. Natasha Madison beautifully describes in perfect detail Hollywood in all its glory. You will be swept into her world and never want to leave. 5 giant stars.

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