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Review: Honor by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander

I received an ARC of Honor not knowing where or how - blonde blogger problems. Yes, you can laugh at me. But seriously, the cover had me intrigued. I read the synopsis and was like sweet, this book is right up my alley. I read this book start to finish in like 2 hours, y'all. There's so much to love about it. I truly think this story will appeal to every single reader.

Story Line: Okay, first of all, hello - sexy military man. If you're like eh, a man in uniform doesn't do it for me (like a lunatic), there's also the whole falling for your best friend's woman thing. Oooo, yeah. Now do I have your attention? Or the fact that our leading lady's best friends are twins who like to be frisky together. For me? What won me over was a small detail. Katie (Heroine) is a bigger girl. She has meat on her bones and she's so REAL about it. I related to Katie on so many levels. I'm a bigger girl too. I know the insecurities. The thoughts that the guy talking to you is out of your league or that he's just playing a prank on you. It sounds awful when I type it, but it's so true. A lot of people out there are cruel. So, for me, to read a story about a bigger girl finding her happily ever after with a sexy as sin military man? It was everything I didn't know I was missing.

Let me explain the "triangle". Katie was married to Ryan. Ryan and Logan were SEALs together. Ryan called dibs on Katie before Logan could tell his bestie he was interested in her. Katie and Ryan get married and Logan puts space between them. Then, sadly, Ryan passes away. Fast forward a couple years later and Logan is on a break from serving where he finds Katie at a bar (where he knew she would be at, which isn't stalkerish at all, by the way ;) ). Katie and Logan hit it off and it's all rainbows and kittens - until it isn't. But don't worry, this won't leave you hanging. They eventually find their way to a HEA.

Interaction: Katie and Logan have instant chemistry. It was crazy and amazing all rolled into one that she didn't remember Logan. But I loved how head over heals he was for her. Katie's personality is very similar to mine. She's sassy and fun loving. But she is super insecure. It takes her a while to believe that Logan is truly interested in her, which broke my heart. I wanted to be like "I've been there, girlfriend". Because it's true. She wanted to hide her body from him and was afraid to fall for him because she felt unworthy. God, I felt her inner turmoil. I hated it and loved it. But, regardless, Katie's character was one of my all time favorites.

Laundry: I was not expecting the amount of naughty, naughty things I read in this book. There were several occasions I had to fan myself because holy crap, Katie and Logan and smoking hot. They both let their freak flags fly and I loved every minute of it. I loved that her size was a non-issue. Logan dismissed her insecurities with so much love and encouragement, it brought tears to my eyes. They were so united. I love this couple so hard.

Depth: Honestly, I think the weight issue wasn't supposed to be a huge deal, but for someone who hates going jeans shopping, it was a really uplifting and beautiful development. Obviously, Logan has a secret he waits to dang long to reveal to his leading lady. But for me, Katie getting past her self esteem issue was a huge part of the depth. At least, for me anyways. I just cannot get enough of this book. It ended and I wanted nothing more to read their next chapter of their lives. I wanted to hear if they had kids and how many, where their lives took them, etc. I was completely invested in their perfect love story.

Y'all need to go add this book to your TBR list and pick it up on 06/27/2018 when it releases. It's the perfect steamy summer read!

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