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Review: In Too Deep by Rebecca Sharp

Y'all. I can't even right now. This book. LORDY, THIS BOOK. It takes a lot to put me into a book hangover. And this one? This one right here WRECKED me. I wasn't even 3 chapters in and I knew it. I knew RS was going to make me sob like a mom who just had her wine taken away from her. And I did. THREE FREAKING TIMES.

Story Line: I'm going to start off and say I was not Frost's biggest fan. And by not his biggest fan, I pretty much wanted to kick him in the shins. With steal toe boots. Repeatedly. He's cocky. He's entitled. He walks around like the world turns for him and only him. And then there's Tammy. Sweet, organized, stick to the plan Tammy. God, I identified with her on so many levels. She makes googly eyes at Frost and I was immediately wishing I were Jessa or Ally so I could knock some sense into her. But alas, the heart wants what it wants. Does Frost change his ways immediately? Is he always the arrogant SOB who talks about his past conquests? I won't say. What I will say? Does he always have a filthy mouth? OH GOD YES. This is no eggageration folks, I had to legit put my kindle down because I thought I had been shocked from a super electricly angsty scene. MMMMMmmmmmm. Give me a minute.

Interaction: The dynamic between Frost and Tammy is second to none. Seriously. Their chemistry has put this book on my top 10 favorite reads of all time. As soon as I finish this review, I'm telling RS that I need a signed paperback of it in my mailbox like yesterday. The sexual tension alone is enough to make even me blush. And y'all know it takes quite a bit to do that. But there's just something to be said about opposites attracting. He's the yin to her yang. She's the calm to his chaos. And it works so painfully well. Their love and absolute devotion is so strong- so beautiful- that my heart just aches for them. I felt every push, every pull and every tear deep in my soul. This book has affected me in ways no other ever has.

Laundry: Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Saddle up, because you're in for some of the HOTTEST dirty laundry you've ever read. I mean, WOWZA. There's against the door, there's TIME OF THE MONTH (never thought I would say THAT is hot, but I've been proven wrong), there's a romp in the freaking hay. LITERALLY. And that's just to name a few. I'm not going to say anything else here, because I want each and every one of you to experience every zing, tingle, toe curl and flush that I did. Is it hot in here? I need a fan. And a cold shower. Or two.

Depth: There is so dang much I want to say here. SO MUCH. But I don't want to spoil the beauty of each twist and turn this story takes. But Tammy and Frost's story is more than just opposites attract. If you read book 3 in the winter games story, you know that Frost has a 6 year old daughter. So I can say, yes this is also a single dad romance. But that just grazes the surface of In Too Deep. Tammy has her own back story, as well as an incredible (and huge family). Her family may be wonderful - and I'm not saying that because they have a ranch with horses. They're just really good people. Frost on the other hand? His family is a piece of work. And they alone bring a huge curve ball to the story line.

The bottom line is this. This story is a game changer. In Too Deep will pull emotions out of you whether you're ready to feel them or not. You will laugh at the girls nights between Tammy, Jessa and Ally. You will cry big fat ugly tears for Tammy. For Frost. And for their journey. But in the end, you will be left with a heart so full of hope and joy, you will cry all over again - happy tears. 5 stars are not nearly enough.

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