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Review: Kandiland by T.L. Smith

As I sit here thinking how to start of my review of Kandiland, I can't help but think to myself, WOW. This story had so much more to it than I was expecting. It's an office/hooking up with the boss romance, sure. But that is so not it. There's an element of darkness that was a huge surprise, but worked absolutely perfectly.

Story Line: I dove into this book thinking the story line was along the same lines as NS's Safe Haven. Girl escapes crazy ex, changes her name and moves to a small town where she falls for the local hottie, yadda yadda yadda. UGH NO. Not even close. Ex is crazy, don't get me wrong. And the opening scene nearly had me in tears. But Kandi doesn't move to a town called Candy to change her name and start a new life. What she finds there is Huxley - a 30 year old entrepreneur who legit owns pretty much the entire town. So, when she went to find a job, guess who was the one interviewing her? That's right, sexy and all dark alpha man Huxley.

There's attraction, sure. But man, do they both have their walls up. Huxley has her own past to try and work through. But Hux? That man has the great wall of China built around his heart. This story had me on the edge of my seat with every passing page, wondering what would happen next. There were twists, dips, turns and "are you kidding me?!" moments that kept me on my toes. This was definitely not your average office romance.

Interaction: Huxley is a powerful man. He uses his weight in the town as leverage to get what he wants. And he wants Kandi. The best part? She turns him down SEVERAL times. To read about an uber hot, dark alpha getting turned down was pure evil comedy to me. He did not take it well, clearly. He was persistent without coming across as stalkerish which is a very difficult balance, but TL Smith mastered it beautifully. It wasn't until the very end that I felt confident that these two finally found the same page. And thank the Lord they did.

Laundry: All praise the dirty office laundry lord in heaven! Huxley rocks my world. I mean, obviously he rocked Kandi's world, but more importantly, he rocked mine. First of all, Huxley is one of the sexiest names of all time. I'm fanning myself just from typing his name. YUM. And then there's Kandi. She's a bit sassy and keeps that sass for the bedroom too. So when there's laundry, there's dirty talking and just a little bit of sassy talk. YES PLEASE.

Depth: There is so much I want to give away with this section. Like how did they pull off that opening scene? How is that one part even possible? UGH! Read the book, people. I need to talk to you about these twists! Kandi's ex and the first chapter are super important, so pay attention! Then there's the little details about Hux's past that all play a factor into the man beneath the deliciousness. And it's all SO GOOD.

This book gave me all the feels! My heart was pounding. My laundry meter was off the charts and there were even times I laughed. Seriously, go pick up this book on release day TOMORROW! 06/19/2018!

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