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Review: Kissing Jenna by Kristen Proby

Fun fact - I'm usually not a huge fan of the trope "celeb falls for average joe". Like to the point that if I see that's what it's about in the blurb, I stop reading and keep looking elsewhere. But this is an author that I cannot say no to. So I took a chance on Jenna and am so dang happy I did.

Story Line: Christian is People magazine's hottest man alive. Jenna is a real estate developer in Montana. By chance, their paths cross as he's learning to ski for a roll in his upcoming film. The end. Kidding Kidding. Jenna is a strong, independent woman who loves funny coffee mugs. Basically, she's me in fictional form. So, of course, I loved her instantly. Since the whole celebrity thing isn't a huge turn on for me, I was uber skeptical of Christian. But man, I should have cut the poor guy a break. Because. honestly, he's wonderful. He's super sweet, slightly alpha and all sexy man. But as much as I wanted this to be the perfect little fairy tale for Jenna and Christian, there were some speed bumps. Like that dang Nina for starters. Then there's that female bimbo co-star. And don't even get me started on the elk. Intrigued? You should be.

Interaction: Jenna and Christian click almost instantly. No seriously, like they haven't even said words out loud and I could hear their personalities clicking like a cheap wind-up camera. The more these two spend time together, the more they sync up. I mean, it comes as zero surprise when they hit the sheets and it's explosive - but I'll get to that in my laundry section ;) What I will say about these two without giving too much away is how much I love their love. At one point during the book, Jenna comments on how much she loves another couples love. But I couldn't help but think to myself - I kinda love yours more, babe.

Laundry: So, he's a movie star and totally ripped. Muscles as far as the eye can see. And she's just plain adorable. Obviously they are going to burn those sheets up. And that counter top. And that terret. And so on. They are hot, there's no denying it. But what I loved the most about Christian during all this hotness? He almost ALWAYS told Jenna he was making love to her. OH. EM. GEE. SWOOOOOON.

Depth: That dumb, intrusive Nina is a thorn in my side. Even after her apology and moderately grand gesture. I'm still mad, even if Jenna isn't. Okay, good. I'm glad I got that off my chest. I think, for me, the a lot of the meat of this story comes from both Jenna and Christian's careers. I love her tree houses. No seriously. I googled tree houses with terret's in Montana looking for pictures because I wanted to see if what I was picturing was remotely close to what they actually look like. Then I got mad when nothing came up. Sigh.

This book made me realize I've been a book snob when it comes to celebrity romances. You're right. When the story line is good, it doesn't matter what the character's professions are. Sparks fly and I'm hooked.

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