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Review: Kocke Chronicles

You know what the perfect summer read is? Something hot, spicy, naughty and easy to breeze through. That's exactly what the Kocke Chronicles is. 4 brothers with the last name Kocke. 4 authors with different writing styles and points of view. It's an incredible blend to create the perfect steamy, adults only bedtime story.

Story Line: These chronicles follow the lives of 4 delicious men - Kaleb, Kevin, Kaden and Killian. Professions.Lawyers. Police Officers. CEOs. Literally any hot profession you can think of? They are it.

Kaleb's love story involves a student but their backstory isn't the typical. In fact, it was one of the most unique situations I have ever read about. I loved how non-predictable it was.

Kevin is a lawyer who ends up falling for his new assistant. This story had some of the sexiest laundry scenes in it, but I expected nothing less from BJ Bentley. I loved getting a little back story on the family these alpha men come from. And the angst and build up was spectacular.

Kaden is a cop. And who doesn't love smoking hot man in uniform? Kaden knows he's good looking. He says he's a lady's man, but the woman's bed he's in most often knows better than that. Candy keeps his ego in check and I so envy her confidence.

Killian may have been my favorite of all. First of all, hello hottest name ever. Second of all, holy angst batman. And that pen scene? Excuse me while I go fan myself.

The bottom line is this - these stories are quick reads but lacking absolutely nothing. They give us a quick glimpse into the lives of some seriously steamy alpha men and the women who have won them over. I ate up these words so fast because I literally could not get enough of the characters. I definitely wouldn't mind a Kocke Chronicles Part 2. Hint Hint, ladies ;)

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