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Review: Love Won by Gillian Jones

Have you ever hit a book slump? You start a bunch of books and none of them really hold your interest long enough to fully commit to finishing? I had started 3 different books over the weekend and I just couldn't sink into them. But I wanted to read (obviously). So what did I do? I picked up a Gillian Jones book because I knew there was zero chance I would hate it. And once again, she has delivered.

Story Line: I'm going to put this out there. It's going to sound horrible. But I promise this is the most favorable review on the planet. The brother's best friend trope isn't really my think. I know. I know. I'm a weirdo. However, the dating your boss thing? Yeah, that's totally my thing. So even if you're like me and don't really like the whole "I've been lusting over my big brother's bff my entire life" story line, not to worry! Because there's also the "I want to do my boss" trope. Problem solved. But in all seriousness, even if Coy did not become East's boss, I still would have loved this book. And not because I have a giant girl crush on Gillian either. The story was just THAT good.

East and Coy have been in each other's lives forever. They both have feelings. Neither made a move. Until sexy Coy becomes the principal at the school East teaches 8th grade at. It has been years since I've read a book where the teacher a) teaches a grade higher than second and b) has a bestie that works with them there. And honestly, I don't think I've ever read a story where she falls for the principal. Absolutely loved this. I loved the slow burn too. As much as I wanted these two to just do it already, it also didn't feel right for their characters to move that quickly. And Coy had a plan. And a man with a plan? Second hottest man ever (a close second to a man who is good with kids, just saying) And the ending? OMG Coy is serious book boyfriend material.

Interaction: East is feisty. Coy is full of himself. It's a recipe for some snarky conversations. And I love me some snark. When I first heard Coy call East her nickname of "Sprinkles", I won't lie to you. My first thought was "lame". DON'T be like me. The name is explained. It's adorable. It fits. Moving on. Coy makes his move in one of the least predictable ways. There were so many times as I was reading I thought to myself "This is it!" and then I was sadly mistaken. It could have been I was just THAT impatient for their declaration of love, though. Regardless, these two are serious couple goals. There's a scene at a haunted house that sticks out in particular. The way Coy is with East is something even greater than perfection.

Laundry: Ah, the good stuff. The hands above the head kissing is going down as one my favorite moves. I'm going to say this - I now have added about 4 more items to my laundry bucket list. One of which includes the principals office. And that scene wasn't even that naughty! However the tease that it was, was enough to let my mind run wild. And let's not forget the sploshing. Yeah, it's a real word. Yeah, it's a thing. Thank you Urban Dictionary for opening my eyes to laundry that includes food. It's like the perfect combination. My two loves. Food and Laundry. Put them together? Heaven. I'll be sure to post a picture of my poor hubby's face when he reads this part of my review. He already thinks I'm looney tunes ;)

Depth: The history between East and Coy gives this story the meat it needs to be well rounded. Sure, when you break the story down, it seems simple. But it's realistic. The characters truly know one another on deep levels. They have history and funny stories about growing up together. So no, they don't just hop to it. It takes time and patience for each of them to come around to the idea that their feelings are not one sided. And it's a huge jump to take. Being friends with someone for most of your life makes the decision to pursue more that much harder. But the heart wants what it wants. I loved how realistic the story line was for this book. The progression of their relationship was believable, easy to love and was absolutely feel good.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to fall in love all over again. Anyone who wants to go through the motions of falling head of heals with their significant other for a second, third, hundredth time. Because that's what it felt like for me. It reminded me of all those butterflies, the questions, the apprehension, and the total and complete bliss that falling in love brings to your soul. Love Won won me over.

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