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Review: Lucky Christmas by K.L. Donn

If you're looking for a super steamy, super sweet and super quick holiday read, Lucky Christmas needs to be on your kindle right this second. KL brings us book 4 in the Possessed series and although it's a quick novella, it still brings all the warm and fuzzies.

James and Gigi are not exactly friends to lovers. They're not best friend's sister either. They're trope is sort of a blend - she's his partner's sister. There's an instant attraction when they meet, but then neither act on those feelings for quite a while due to the whole partners thing. With that being said, their guards come down when he shows up at her house wearing a Santa suit demanding some answers.

This story brings the steam and it brings it fast. Can I get a Hallelujah? So don't worry your pretty little head, KL brings the toe curling zings and you're going to be oh so satisfied. Scouts honor. Seriously, I was a Girl Scout for all of 3 years. My honor is legit.

Even though this is a quick read, it's still written beautifully and the characters are still incredibly relatable and likable. You will be hooked from page one and will be singing "baby it's cold outside" when you finish (because that song is NOT offensive and this is the perfect naughty Christmas story). And that epilogue? LOVED IT!

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