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Review: LuLLaY by Freya Barker

It is October 30th and I am already in full holiday mode. Don't judge me. I was looking through my kindle thinking what should I read next when I saw this gem sitting there are pretty. Then I remembered, OMG this is the Freya Barker holiday novella! So obviously I sprained my finger tapping it to open immediately. And can I just say? This is the best Christmas themed book I've read in I don't know how long. SERIOUSLY. So GOOD!

Story Line: Matt is a longtime bartender. Tana is a well established business owner with the cutest 3 year old daughter. They meet by accident several times. 3 to be exact. Each time their interactions are even more adorable than the last. Until finally, as mother nature would have it, they are forced to spend more than just a smidge of time together. And in that time, things escalate and an unbreakable bond between the 3 forms. It's beautiful. It's uplifting. And it's everything a Christmas romance should be.

Along the way, there are bumps in the road, crazy amounts of snow and some pretty incredible family moments. You see, Matt and Tana have pretty much opposite family types. One is close knit, the other is damaged to say the least. And its those families that truly bring these two together. And although their time together is brief, the connection is permanent and no amount of time or distance can change that. Did I say that I love this story yet? Yes? Well, I'll say it again. This story warmed my soul and put tingles in my toes.

Interaction: Matt is in his late 30's. Tana is in her early 40's. (Can I just say how much I LOVE this about FB books? Her characters are always older than early 20's, straight out of college, etc) Anyways, these two are not crazy young. They're established in their lives - been through enough drama and experiences to know what they want. There are no games here. They acknowledge their connection and give in to it - in super naughty ways, might I add. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks to these two being over the age of 30, they are mature enough to handle a relationship like the adults they are. They show us that family isn't always related by blood. And that bond is the strongest of them all.

Laundry: If you're worried about a possible lack of laundry due to the whole "novella" length, don't you worry your pretty little head. Matt and Tana are so dang hot. Like off the charts. They don't have to do all the kinky, raunchy stuff to steam up the shower, if you know what I mean. But side note, can we take a moment to appreciate that shower scene? Good grief. I need a cold shower after reading that. So hot!

Depth: I'm going to be super honest with y'all here. I had no idea this was a novella. I mean, I finished it super fast, but I'm also a speed reader who's afraid her kids are going to interrupt her reading so I have to inhale all the words as fast as I can. But other than that, I didn't know it was a shorter book because it still had everything I'm looking for. There was drama - family drama to be exact. There was angst, lust, incredible holiday moments, and big decisions to be made. This story was absolutely perfect. I fell in love with Tana, Matt and especially sweet Flynn. 5 huge, sparkly stars!

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