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Review: May The Best Man Win by BJ Bentley

If you've never read another BJ Bentley book before, once you complete this one, you'll want to join the official fan club. No, seriously. We're getting t-shirts. This book is unique in so many ways. There were a ton of pleasant surprises - including the first time they have laundry - that I absolutely adored. This book is definitely not your average hot alpha billionaire or sexy single dad romance. I mean, Damon Hatch is both of those things, but this story is anything but average.

Story Line: Damon and Sophie meet at her sister's wedding. Damon has zero'd in on his prize for the night. Sophie has other ideas. Ideas that involve liquid courage. Fast forward past the reception and it's back to reality Monday. Damon is back to being his tech billionaire self and Sophie is back to being a school teacher. Except they're both in for a shock when they find out that Damon's daughter is in Sophie's class. This isn't a spoiler, y'all, so sit back down and take a chill pill. Damon says game on. Sophie says hit the road, Jack. And so their tug and pull begins. You will love Damon. Yes, he's relentless but not in an overbearing, you're a jerk way. He has juuuuust enough patience to make me love him hard core. And Sophie. Are all teachers this funny? I'm serious. Her inner monologue was fantastic. Witty, random and laugh so hard your sides hurt. It takes all the patience of a saint for Damon to finally tear down every brick she has cemented up around her heart,but trust me folks, it's totally worth it. Their happily ever after is, hands down, my favorite of all of BJ's books.

Interaction: Damon is all alpha. He's firm, determined and oh so charming. That's a recipe for a panty fire if I've ever heard one. And Sophie is that best friend you've lusted for your entire life. She brings the humor, the quirkiness and the compassion to everyone she encounters. I related to her so deeply. I mean, come on. We've all avoided love at some point in our lives. Avoided that one guy who we swore would break our hearts. Heck, that's how my husband and I started out. I kept telling myself to stay away from him. He was bad news - a commitment phob. But did my heart listen? Nope. Did my brain listen? Also no. Sophie was in the same boat and thank God, she followed my same path.

Laundry: So... you know how I said their first time was not at all what I was expecting? YEAH. I want to start a group chat about that. Meet me on my blog page to discuss once you've read. Totally serious. But let's move on. The chemistry between Damon and Sophie is spectacular. And there's something about the whole he's a fantastic dad thing that makes him ever hotter. So when these two have laundry again, and again, and again, it's hottness level reaches new dangerous levels of exploding my kindle. Read at your own risk. Kidding. Sort of.

Depth: This story was more than just a love story. It was about how it's hard as heck to be a working parent these days. How it's hard to find love once you're out of college and making a life for yourself on your own. I think so many people will relate to these characters. Damon tries so hard to find a balance between work and his daughter. And I have never related more to a male character. Because preach. Seriously. Being a working parent is so. freaking. hard. And the same goes for Sophie's character. My hubs and I married when we were 24 so I can't say I know her struggle to let a man into her heart. But I know what it's like to be afraid to get hurt again. Sadly, so many of us do. So, I'm sure you will be right there with me when I say, I totally fist pumped when Sophie made that brave first step.

Get ready, y'all the #DamonHatchExperience is coming.

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