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Review: Meant For You by Layla Hagen

Will and Paige are going to knock your socks off, folks. Seriously. There is so much to love with these characters. He's a detective. She's a bigwig at a non-profit. They are two of the best fictional humans on the planet. So, not only are they amazing people, but they have some of the HOTTEST chemistry. EVER. I mean, I should expect no less from LH right? The woman can do no wrong, y'all. Meant For You was INCREDIBLE.

Story Line: Will is a smoking hot detective. He gets notice of a possible break in so he decides to check it out on his way home. Except there's no break in. It's just Paige and her two girlfriends reuniting after 3 years apart. The red flag the neighbors reported? They decide to meet at the B&B Paige inherited from her late grandma. So they have this adorable meet-cute, he gives her his card and the rest is history. Kidding. There's a whole heck of a lot to this story than a cute first meeting and some super attractive characters. There's drama with Will's job. There's drama with Paige's job. There's amazing family members on both sides. And there's a whole lotta hot laundry. It's not smooth sailing, which of course I loved. Because hi, have we met? I love drama. I love books that keep me guessing. And I definitely love books that give me new laundry ideas. ;)

Interaction: What is my number one favorite trait of leading ladies? SASS. GIVE ME ALL THE SASS. And Paige wrote the book on sassiness. She keeps Will on his toes, and he loves it too. Their communication is second to none. Every conversation between these two is absolutely flawless. The push and pull, the sarcasm and the flirting. It's all complete perfection. And can we just take a second to talk about how amazing Will is with his nephew? And how sweet Paige is with her nieces? Single aunts and uncles being rockstars? I seriously could not love these characters any more than I do right this very moment.

Laundry: The naughtiness level of this book is off the charts. Seriously. There were so many scenes that I wanted to highlight the heck out of. I even had my hubby read one because I was telling him he needed to take notes from Will. Good lord I'm lucky he's so tolerant of me. But in all seriousness, Meant For You was the perfect balance of storytelling and laundry. The laundry scenes were hot, but never out of the realm of tasteful. I never read a dirty scene thinking "well this isn't necessary". And believe it or not, I've actually thought that while reading a contemporary romance before. And before you start jumping to conclusions, you will not see that book I'm referring to in any of my reviews. All you need to take away from this section is this - LH delivered the steamiest laundry I've read in a quite a while.

Depth: Can I just say how much I adore Paige's job? I love, love, LOVE that she works for a non-profit. I think she's the best person ever for wanting to help kids who come from tough times. And she has the drive to make that happen. I LOVE HER. And Will being a detective - catching bad guys? Excuse me while I swoon into a melted puddle of butter. Their jobs are super admirable, but they also cause some heartache. These two have hurdles to get past, that's for sure. But trust me, if you're anything like me, you will finish this book thinking that was just about the sweetest HEA you've ever read. EVER. Now go add this to you TBR. Like, right now :)

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