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Review: Mogul by Katy Evans

My first review of a Katy Evans book. And I somehow managed to score an ARC of it. Holy craptastic. I better not screw this up. I mean, come on. It's Katy freaking Evans! Okay, I think the moment of hyperventilating has passed. I'm cool. Are you cool? I'm cool. Let's begin.

Story Line: Sara is working at the front desk as a hotel concierge. Ian is that hot guy she eye banged outside coming into work a shift for a coworker. Oh yeah, and he's totally staying in room 1103 at her hotel. And since she isn't the worlds best employee, because she really is waiting for her big break on Broadway, she takes his call requesting a certain piece of clothing that she's wearing be delivered to his room. And does just that. This book hits the ground running. And it is smoking hot.

But the story line is much more than just a one night stand that leads to more. It's about never giving up on love - no matter what life throws at you. Ian was burned in the past so it's super hard for him to give anything more than his body and a good time. Sara's parents are going through a nasty divorce and she sees how hard it is on her mom. So her perception of love is jaded as well. These two know they have great physical chemistry. But the main hurdle they have to jump is the walls they both have put up around their hearts. It's an incredible story told through both character's points of views so we get to see the whole picture of what is going through both of their heads. I adored how Ian and Sara fought through the reservations and fears together and formed something nearly unbreakable.

Interaction: For the first half of this book, Ian and Sara do quite a bit of their communicating through their actions (cough, cough LAUNDRY). They are drawn to one another like magnets. But once they reach a comfortable routine, they have to make hard decisions. Will they let Ian's past ruin their future? Will Sara's future employer impact their lives? Will they finally admit to each other (and their selves) that this isn't just casual? Their struggle is real. Cliche and all. And I was right there with them every step of the way.

Laundry: How much time do we have here? My fancy dancy blog tells me it's going to take you about 3 minutes to read this so far. Boo, I'll have to keep this part short. The laundry is good. Sara calls it "nice" quite a few times just to get Ian revved up - which is adorable and hot all rolled in to one. There is plenty of laundry to satisfy even the "randyest" (Austin Powers reference people) of readers. My favorite laundry scene? Oh mama. Katy Evans wrote the absolute HOTTEST angry laundry scene I have ever read. Period. Hands down. She rocked my world. BRB while I go pick a fight with my husband.

Depth: Is Katy Evans even capable of writing a book that has zero depth to it? That's a hard no if you had to even think twice about the answer. Ian's character is flawlessly written. He is arrogant, sexy and sin, expressive, honest and genuine. And Sara is the girl I was to hate. I want to say she's a total jerk because she's this gorgeous dancer. But no, she's beautiful inside and out. I loved the added dimension Ian's grandmother added to the story. I loved Sara's friends and I even loved Ian's friends. Seriously. I only hated one character and we all know who that is. Stupid Blondielocks. But thankfully she's squashed like a bug. Good riddance.

This is connected to Tycoon, however, you do not need to read it first to understand the characters or story line. Just buy the book. Seriously. You will read it in one sitting because your eyes will not let you look away. You will love every. Single. Moment.

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