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Review: Muffin Top by Avery Flynn

As soon as I finished Butterface, and read the teaser for Muffin Top, I knew this book would hit me hard. Being an insecure plus size woman is no easy feat. I love reading books where the heroine isn't a tiny thing. And the fact that Lucy isn't just "curvy" made me absolutely desperate to read her story. And now that I've finished, I can say with absolute confidence, that this is one of my favorite books to date.

Story Line: Lucy is a successful PR rep. Frankie is a sexy as sin firefighter. His brother is engaged to Lucy's best friend. So their circles of friends intertwine. However, what had me hook, line and sinkered? It was totally their "meet cute". Lucy is sitting at their favorite bar/restaurant eating a burger and drinking her beloved mountain dew. A guy comes over and tells her how pretty she would be if she had a salad instead. What does Frankie do? Pretends to be her boyfriend, joins her for dinner and orders the exact same thing. I was a goner for Frankie from that moment forward. What ensues is a road trip to a class reunion, Dr Ruth type discussions with Lucy's dad, a demon dog, insecurities and taking giants leaps in faith. The physical and emotional road trip Frankie and Lucy go on is full of detours, laughter and a heck of a lot of angst. But the end result is a love so pure and golden, that I'm still reeling over it. Frankie and Lucy?Total hashtag couple goals.

Interaction: This part is going to be the hardest for me to write. Because I identify with Lucy so closely it's almost scary. Lucy says she has accepted her body and is not ashamed of her rolls and extra curves. But that's not the 100 percent truth. Because her inner thoughts and apprehension speaks louder. And it's those inner monologues that truly hit home for me. You see, being plus size means carrying a heck of a lot of emotional baggage. Lucy doesn't want to fly to her reunion because the plane seats are so small and uncomfortable for her. Been there. Had that exact same thought/feeling. It's embarrassing to awkwardly buckle your chunk into an airplane seat. If I didn't have kids, I would much rather just make the long drive. But that's just a small example. Lucy feels like Frankie is trying to hook up with her based on pity. And oh man, did this one hurt to read. Because that's the exact thought I had with my now husband when we started fooling around. I told myself he's way out of my league and that I had no business with him. And then after we were engaged? I tell myself all the time that I talked him into marrying me (even though he clearly proposed to me - twice). Regardless, the lack of self worth based on the size of our pants, puts Lucy and I as practically the same person. I adored her. I hurt with her. I cried with her. I loved her so much.

Laundry: Oh Frankie. Yes, those rumors you read about at the beginning of this book are absolutely true. He definitely knows how to use his fire hose - and all other equipment for that matter - extremely well. Once they both lower their guards and give in to their attraction, they set my kindle on fire. That scene at the pond? So freaking hot.

Depth: Lucy isn't the only one who brings baggage to the story. Frankie is on forced vacation from the fire dept since he's a time off hoarder, apparently. But he holds on to a memory from high school that leaves his heart totally jaded. Thankfully, the truth reveals itself and he's able to let down his guard long enough to remove his head from his rear end. But, it's still a process to get there. And Lucy has to get over herself too. Her mom especially influenced her love avoidance mentality, which is so hard to read. Girls grow up and usually idolize their mom. For me, my mom set the standard for me to hopefully one day achieve. I loved the way she loved my dad and knew that one day I would get to experience it for myself too. Lucy wasn't so lucky in the mom department. But her dad more than makes up for it. And thank our lucky stars, he gives her a pretty big tough love shove and BAM. Finally, we get our perfect happily ever after.

Frankie and Lucy are two beautifully imperfect souls who have found their other half. Their love is pure, honest and raw. And this story is one I will not soon forget.

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