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Review: Nothing But Trouble by Ashley Bostock

I must be on a "hire a date" kick, because this is the second book in 2 days I've read with that type of theme. They are completely different story lines, but have the same general theme. Not complaining in the least because Nothing But Trouble did not disappoint. It had a strong story line, great characters and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire read.

Story Line: Who doesn't love a hot as heck billionaire? Show of hands? That's what I thought. I'm a total goner when it comes to rich, boss-men being brought to their knees by strong women. Michael is our rich guy. He owns a successfully dating site. Sophia is our heroine. She answers his anonymous ad looking for a date to a function. It was just supposed to be one date. Next thing we know, these two are stuck to one another for much more than just a night. One of my favorite details to this story was Sophia's "day job". I won't give away any of the details, but I was legit shocked. But what surprised me even more was how much I LOVED that about her. I'm not going to lie to y'all, I'm a quick to judge jerkface. I judge characters by their jobs, their attitudes, their families, you name it. But then I am also the first to admit when I've been in the wrong. And Sophia's job, albeit a total surprise, was absolutely perfect for the story line.

Interaction: Michael is a total caveman. What's even better? He doesn't even realize how alpha man he is until he begins his "relationship" with Sophia. There are times he's almost in disbelief of how strong his pull to her is. But Sophia holds her own. She's hiding a history and skeletons in her closet, just like Michael is. I loved how they worked through their issues and were able to find their way back to each other.

Laundry: Can I just say, I love reading about couples not being able to get enough of each other? Seriously. When they start of the night with a romp in the sheets, and then keep waking each other up throughout the night for round 2,3,4 etc... that's so freaking hot. Now, if my hubby were to do that, I'm pretty sure he would love his favorite appendage, but to read it? OH YEAH. Bring on a cold shower now.

Depth: There's always more than meets the eye. That's how the saying goes? Apparently I'm in a cliche kind of mood. But that saying is very true for Michael and Sophia. What started off as an innocent Pretty Woman style date, turned into so much more. It's crazy how fate works, isn't it? I truly believe these characters met because the universe (or author for those of you not living in my fantasy novel world) had plans for them. Michael and Sophia think they are so different - so different that there's no way an actual relationship could work. But what they didn't realize was that putting their trust in one another was the secret to finding their happily ever after. This story teaches us that trust is such a precious thing and that we should never, ever take it for granted. LOVE.

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