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Review: Obsessive Addiction by KL Donn

Raw. Intense. Heartbreaking. Inspiring. All of these words come to mind when describing the masterpiece that is Obsessive Addiction. Crux and Farren are perfectly imperfect. They love is pure, powerful and totally addictive.

Story Line: Crux just got out of jail for murder. No biggie, right? Well he killed the guy that looked at Farren wrong. And by looked, I mean touched in all the wrong ways. And now the Crux is out, nothing is going to stop him from making Ren totally and irrevocably his. The hitch with his plan? Farren has a whole slew of demons she needs to overcome before she can allow herself to be loved. A little trigger warning for y'all, this book touches on some seriously dark subject matter. Farren was molested at an early age. We do read some of those details (which are handled extremely tastefully), but if this is something that's a hard limit for you, just skim through those parts. But I would beg you to not pass this book up. Because Farren's transformation is absolute perfection. And her relationship with Crux is truly inspiring.

Interaction: Crux makes it no secret that his totally head over heals, obsessive compulsive, in love with Farren. He saved her life and from that moment on, she has owned his heart. And although Ren is completely shattered from her life's experiences, she knows that he is the reason she continues to fight when it seems like the universe is against her. I love the way Crux just holds her. She is constantly fighting this heartbreaking emotional fight with herself. And what does Crux do? He just holds her and offers her the one thing she has be devoid of her entire life - love.

Laundry: Oh KL, how I love your delicious laundry scenes. Now, tiny disclaimer y'all. This is a bit of slow burn. BUT. If you've read my review up to this point, you have to know why. Crux couldn't just go to pound town his Farren. I mean, if you expect that, your heart is about 10 sizes too small. These two had to take their time. They had to heal and build a solid foundation before the naughty stuff could happen. But man, once it did? MMMMMMMmmmmmm. Yes. So worth the wait.

Depth: Sweet baby Jesus, do you have an hour? I don't think it's possible for me to describe the amount of depth in this story in just a short paragraph. However, since I refuse to give away any spoilers, I will throw y'all a bone or two. First of all, Crux's family is the bomb dot com. I love them and I cannot wait for their stories. Second of all, Farren's mom is a legit skankalicious. So obviously, she's not mom of the year. However, the rest of her family sure as heck throws a wrench in the story. But I loved that. It totally wasn't expected, but much appreciated. Lastly, the character transformation of Farren is so freaking beautiful. Her pain in the first half of this book brought fat ugly tears to my eyes. I felt her broken soul deep in my gut. Her struggles were described in such intricate detail that I had to take a step back and remind myself that I wasn't the one going through this soul shattering rebuild. Yes, it was that beautifully written.

Bravo KL Donn, Obsessive Addiction was incredible. I am already chomping at the bit for your next installment.

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