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Review: Often by Danielle Norman

This series is quickly becoming one of my top favorite of all time. No joke. No exaggeration. These Iron Orchids chicks are so fierce. I long to be one of them. And they make me super jealous that my husband isn't a hot Greek God. Seriously.

Story Line: This is the 4th book in the Iron Orchids series. If you haven't read the first three, sucks to be you. Kidding. Sort of. But you can read this book without reading the first three and still understand and appreciate the beauty of it. Leo (short of Leona) was raised by her mother (of whom I would love to throat punch. Sorry, not sorry). She was raised in probably the most conservative environment possible - plain loose fitting clothing, dresses - totally plain Jane. So of course her mother is a total butt munch over her "beloved" daughter growing up to be a mechanic who specializes in working on motorcycles. And then there's Ian. A rocket scientist. SERIOUSLY. These two could not be more different. Yet, a wedding throws them together and suddenly the girl Ian has known forever isn't just "family friend Leo". She's smoking hot and he can't wait to get into her cut off jeans.

Things heat up quickly and then are slowed down to a delicious slow burn. Drama gets slapped in Leo's face and it's a struggle each day for this couple to make it work. Back thank the Lord, Danielle Norman believes in happily ever afters. Ian and Leo get their happily ever after and it's probably the most well deserved one I have ever read. And the 18 years later epilogue? THE BEST.

Interaction: Leo is as tough as nails. She has a steel backbone and a sharp tongue. And Ian eats that up. At times, quite literally. But in all honesty, Leo is the perfect girl power hero. She's is taken through the ringer throughout this story. She is beaten and pulled around before she gets to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And just when we think we are all going to hunt Ian down to castrate him? THEN everything falls into place and we all can collectively sigh in relief.

Laundry: These Greek men. Jesus. I could just eat them with a spoon. They are the most gracious lovers on the planet. I may have to look into my husbands genealogy to check for any Greek ancestors. First of all, so freaking hot. Second of all, their mom can cook better than Paula Dean. And third, they know exactly how to use EVERY appendage on their bodies. YEAH. Leo is one lucky lady.

Depth: Holy crap. I was not prepared for this book to take poor Leo on a wild goose chase. There were times I wondered if I was reading a Danielle Norman book or watching an episode of Chicago P.D. That's a compliment. Just FYI. Leo is accused of doing something awful. So awful she even loses her dang job over it. And the investigation? ABSOLUTELY MADNESS. I yelled at the pages of this book so many times. I was so freaking invested in this book. I was googling Greek words to see what they meant. Going to the food network to find recipes for the amazing food they talk about. And I was definitely throat punching quite a few people. I LOVED the twists and turns Leo and Ian's story took.

Danielle Norman is the queen of writing insanely strong female characters. These chicks are hard, sassy and so perfect. I cannot get enough of these Iron Orchid books!

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