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Review: One Heart Remains by CP Smith

O h, mylanta. This Wallflowers series is so freaking good. If this is the first you're hearing about CP Smith (insert evil side eye here) check out books 1 and 2 in this amazing series - 3 of a kind is 1 and Double trouble is book 2. Each story is based around the happily ever after of one of the Wallflowers ladies. One Heart Remains is Poppy's story. And oh what a story it is.

Story Line: Poppy's story was the hardest for me to swallow. Her past - the heavy weight she carries - is nothing short of heartbreaking. Each Wallflower - Cali, Sienna and Poppy have a broken past filled with obstacles to overcome. Poppy, however, her story may just break your heart like it did mine. But don't worry, her connection to Nate will Gorilla Glue your heart back together and make it good as new.

When Nate and Poppy meet, there's a zing of attraction that passes between them, that promptly sends them both running in the opposite direction. We see a glimpse of what's to come for these two love birds in Double Trouble (Sienna's story). But it's not until this book that we finally get to the bottom of why these two have built the great wall of China around their battered hearts. And let me tell you, prepare for waterworks. Not only is Poppy's story painful, but holy crap so is Nate's. I actually think I cried more for Nate than I did Poppy, or maybe I was crying for both of them simultaneously? Regardless, I shed a few thousand tears reading how these two beautifully broken souls found solace in one another. Their story isn't easy, but it was absolutely my favorite.

Interaction: Here's the thing about these girls. They are hilarious. Cali, Sienna and Poppy are witty, clumsy, sarcastic and so beautiful inside and out. They keep these hunky guys on their toes literally at all times. Nate is 6 and a half foot of pure testosterone filled alpha male. And here's Poppy. Sweet, sassy and fiercely independent. It should come as no surprise here that these two butt heads quite a bit. Nate wants her to chill out and let him take care of things, and she wants no part of that. She is the epitome of "curious as a kitten". And funny I should use that phrase since Nate calls her Kitten - which is officially the cutest thing ever.

Laundry: Good Lord. Grab yourself a fan and a cool compress. Nate and Poppy bring the heat. This was a naughty slow burn, but honestly? It was perfectly paced. Nate's past and especially Poppy's past required them to take things slow. And there was a lot of c-blocking going on here too. I mean, things would start to heat up and them BAM here's more drama to try and wrap your head around. But anywho, you want to know about the laundry. Well you can relax and know that Nate is a beast and Poppy is one lucky lady because OH MAMA. I could fantasize about that man and his abilities all night long.

Depth: I don't think there's enough hours in the day for me to elaborate on the depth to these Wallflowers books. They are so much more than just fantastic love stories. They are complex with beautifully rounded characters that make the most astounding transformations. Nate and Poppy's characters both grow so much throughout their story. They overcome fears, doubts and awful memories to not only keep their heads above water, but to truly bloom as the individuals they are meant to be.

I think it goes without saying, now that I've read all 3 of these books (which have the most gorgeous covers I've ever seen, by the way) I am waiting oh so anxiously for Until Joe to come out spring 2019. CP, your words are absolute magic. Thank you for love stories that remind us that love always wins.

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