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Review: One Last Wish by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Aubrey and Denver's story was the perfect completion to the Shooting Stars series. Losing a spouse tropes are really hard for me. I always get so invested in a story line that when I finish, I feel like I was a part of the story. So reading about someone who has lost their husband is a toughy. But ARR handled the topic with beauty and grace. And I couldn't help but seriously love Aubrey and Denver.

Story Line: Years ago, Aubrey and Denver had a thing. And not a literal relationship. More like Ross and Rachel from friends when they shared "eye contact" before Rachel went out for drinks post Emma. But that same night that they could have started something, Aubrey chose the safe route and said yes to dating her guy bff - Gabe. Years and years later Aubrey is mourning the loss of Gabe. This was soul crushing for me. The little things she does to keep his memory alive are beautiful and devastating. I put myself in her shoes and cried with her. Having to say goodbye to your other half is something I know we all pray we never have to do. And although Gabe and Aubrey did not have the passion, fire and desire that so many of the amazing books we read have, they still had a deep and meaningful marriage. And honestly, I didn't know how I would feel about Denver walking back into her life after the passing of Gabe. But it was handled so patiently, that I couldn't help but truly fall in love with Denver's character. He is absolutely incredible.

Interaction: Patience is a virtue, right? If you're like me, and worried that Aubrey is going to have rebound laundry with Denver after losing her husband, please rest assured and give ARR a little more credit. The love between Aubrey and Denver is ever present from the beginning, however neither makes a single move for quite a long time. And I'm more than okay with that. Because how realistic is it for a woman to move on from her late husband at lightning fast speed? First of all, that would make both of them total insensitive jerkfaces. Second of all, it would discredit Aubrey's character and totally make me judge the crap out of her. The interactions- both spoken and unspoken between Aubrey and Denver are incredibly realistic, full of love and devotion and above all else - patient. They each need time and they have all the time in the world, in my eyes at least. But before you think Denver waits too long... just remember how many times Aubrey says things are moving too fast. She's adorably wrong.

Laundry: Oh Denver, you sexy stud muffin you. How this man was able to wait as long as he did to get his rocks off, is seriously applause worthy. But of course, since he's uber intelligent and probably the best guy on the fictional planet, it's not that surprising. Aubrey is a lucky lady. Of course, she probably shouldn't have agreed to that date with whats his face, since you know, it snapped stud muffin's resolve to be patient. But hey, that made for some super sexy laundry time. On a boat. A freaking boat. Insert major jealous face here.

Depth: Loss is hard. Wow, that statement sounds so weak and insensitive when you read it back to yourself. But there's no easy way to say goodbye to someone before either of you are ready. Aubrey's life and routine are tough to alter, that's for sure. Her commitments and devotion is consumed. But she has an incredible support system, that includes none other than Denver and even his family. This woman is surrounded by so much love that even through the grief and struggle to keep going, there's never a single doubt that her heart is full. I'm in awe of how gracefully stunning this story is. I never could have imagined such a hard topic handled in total beauty, but here Aurora Rose Reynolds is rocking it perfectly.

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