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Review: Overture by Skye Warren

Brilliant. There's no other word to describe this latest installment from Skye Warren. She creates characters so darkly complex it's impossible not to be totally captivated by them. Liam is the definition of darkness and Samantha is everything that is light. They are opposites yet totally in sync to one another. Their dynamic was exquisite.

Story Line: Samantha is a violinist. Okay, that's putting it mildly. She's like a freaking rockstar. She's about to go on a world tour and hasn't even turned 18 yet. YEAH. She's a legit prodigy. But she comes from a pretty horrific backstory. I won't give anything away, but I will say she was basically an orphan from the age of 12. Poor thing. But let's all take a moment to thank our lucky stars for Liam. Dark, guarded, jaded Liam. He's 16 years older than her, yet took her under his wing. But not in a "I'm your new dad" kind of way. God no. THANK GOD NO. However, over the years the heat and the zings have grown until neither Samantha nor Liam can ignore them. And when their brick walls come crumbling down? Let's just say I think my "headlights" are going to be on for the rest of the week.

Interaction: The dynamic between Samantha and Liam is so beautifully tortured. There's a clear attraction, but there's also years and years of trust and respect built as well. Everything between them flows as easily as water. Until a single moment of weakness changes everything. And then it's no longer water - it's icy hot flames. And even then, when they are denying themselves their hearts desires - it's still excruciatingly beautiful.

Laundry: You know how I said my headlights are going to be on the rest of the week? YEAH. That's because the amount of angst and lust built up between these two characters is enough to set ANYONE'S body on fire. The amount of zings of electricity that were set to my finger tips is insane while reading this book. Never have I had to put a book down mid laundry scene to LITERALLY fan myself. HOLY CRAP.

Depth: I'm going to by honest with y'all. Because I dated a musician in college, these types of themes don't pull me in. However, little fact about your friendly laundry librarian. I was also a musician. I played with our local youth orchestra for a few years. I was drum major of the band. So yeah, I'm no stranger to the musical world. But I loved diving back into that type of mindset. The endless practicing, the devotional and the way the music takes over your soul. It was nice to take a jog down memory lane. Samantha and her talent will leave you feeling the beauty of her compositions and with a small inkling to listen to a little Beethoven even.

When I read the final page of Overture I was a little floored. In true SW fashion, we are left hanging just a little. Just enough for us to be begging and pleading for book two. But not enough to be taking her name in vain. So, now we wait. We wait for the next edition it was it sure to be Skye Warren's latest masterpiece.

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