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Review: Perfect Love Story by Natasha Madison

So, this review is 35 days late because apparently I received an ARC and for whatever reason, it sat in my "docs" and was never pushed to my kindle. So. Many. Curse. Words. Alright, end rant. Let's talk about how amazing the author is. Natasha Madison is a goddess. Seriously. She somehow writes these tortuously beautiful love stories that make my heart ache and smile all at the same time. The Perfect Love Story is no exception.

Story Line: Hailey is a newlywed. She married the love of her life 6 months ago. Then she gets a call that brings her life crashing down. Her husband died in a car accident. And because that's not devastating enough, she also finds out that her dear sweet Eric, wasn't so sweet at all. He was leading a double life. He had a wife and kids two towns away. Thank God for her amazing cousin Crystal and the rest of her village. She is given an opportunity to move to the coast and basically start her life over. Which she jumps on because who wouldn't? Beach house, new life, endless possibilities? Sign me up!

Hailey meets single dad Jensen. His past is almost just as painful as Hailey's. When these two meet it isn't perfect. He's a complete jerk. And by jerk, I mean, OMG what climbed up your rear end and died? Seriously. But Hailey, being the sweetest person on the planet, has a sharp tongue and enough patience to be considered a saint. That, and she develops a super soft spot for Jensen's 4 year old daughter, Mila. So, as their story goes, they take things slow and over time, they are both able to let go of the negativity haunting their happiness, and find their happily ever after together.

Interaction: Have I said how much I truly despised Jensen in the beginning? Like legit wanted to throat punch him. At one point, he spat some pretty awful things at Hailey and I absolutely said "Aw heck no!" out loud. At work. For everyone to hear. Good thing I could cover it up with a work issue and pretend I wasn't just reading when I was supposed to be working. Oops. Moving on. Once Jensen gets his act together, he's a new man - the man who wins over our leading lady. And thank God. Because I was really doubting the chemistry these two were going to have. But that was short lived. I will say that their relationship was truly a slow burn, but for all the right reasons. When two people as broken as these come together, they have to take their time fusing the pieces of their hearts back together. But they do. Piece by piece they mend one another.

Laundry: Mmmmmmmmm. Oh yes. There are so many delicious things to talk about here. What was unexpected was how almost dominant Jensen is when it comes to laundry. He is sweet as pie outside of the bedroom, but hello bossy pants when that door closes. So hot. I will also say that honorable mention goes out to the make out scenes. Seriously. How did Natasha make a simple make out scene so dang perfect?

Depth: If you have to wonder where the depth came from for this book, you clearly have not been paying attention. HELLO. Hailey's "late husband" wasn't even her husband at all. Which, side note, I think her brother and the legal wife of Hailey's ex are going to have a thing. I think that's book 3. Mark my words. And then there's Jensen whose wife signed off all legalities to their daughter when she divorced him. YEAH. This book has plenty of depth. Oh, and one more thing. I made it through the entire book without crying. And then I read the epilogues. Those dang epilogues ruined me. I cried. HARD. But they were happy tears.

Thank you Natasha Madison for writing the most beautiful love story. It gave me faith in happiness. That even those who have found themselves at rock bottom, can find their way to something greater than imaginable. Life is full of the unexpected. It's books like this one that make love worth the risk.

P.s. I have never read a book and wanted to read book 2 at the exact same time. Crystal and Gabe's story seems to be building into something insanely fierce. I'm off to read Unexpected Love Story because I don't think I will be able to function until I know what happens with those two.

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