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Review: Playing For Keeps by Samantha Lind

So, I think it should be known that I'm not a hockey fan. I've been to two hockey games in my life. The atmosphere was fun. Couldn't follow the game for the life of me. And then there's that annoying player whose job is to start fights. No thanks. HOWEVER. That being said. I'm planning on watching a game on tv tonight because of this lady right here. Samantha Lind does not hide the fact that she's a mega fan of hockey. And her love for the sport is infectious.

Story Line: Ah, the dreaded "friend" zone. It's the base of this story. Madison and Richard have been "friends" forever. Not really. But for quite a while. They've been in the "friends with benefits" zone for SEVEN years. Girlfriend. You've been giving it up to one guy for 7 years without a commitment?! No promise of monogamy. No "let's see where this goes". NOTHING. But then again who am I to judge? This is exactly how my husband and I started our relationship. Granted it only took us 5 months to realize things were going to escalate, but anyways. Richard seems like the perfect guy. He's built like a sports god, first of all. He's sweet. He's thoughtful. He's magnificent in bed. But he does have an Achilles heel. He is to chicken to talk about taking the relationship further. UGH! Men!

With a little help from Madison's friends, Richard finally gets his head on straight and makes an honest woman out of her. But don't go blowing the wedding bubbles just yet. There are struggles that follow. One of those being a huge issue with Madison's dad. And I will say this, prepare to cry over this man. They are good tears. But his role in this novel is definitely an emotional one.

Interaction: FLAWLESS. I will just start by saying that. Madison and Richard are flawless when it comes to communication. Their texts are perfect. Their phone calls are perfect. I cannot find one nit-picky thing about these two. And the Facetime sexy time? Every form of communication between these two is flawless. Seriously. At one point I found myself saying outloud, are you serious right now? Negative Nancy that I am, I kept holding my breath that something was going to happen and make Richard less desirable. If you're like me and do the same thing, you're going to die from holding your breath. He's perfect and I've never wanted a hockey player. There's a first for everything.

Laundry: So, Richard is perfect. We've established this. He's even better between the sheets. NO JOKE. He's got a dirty mouth and he knows exactly how to use it. I mean, at first, I was super mad at him for being so amazing and incredible and refusing to make Madison even spend the night after their rendezvous. But, thankfully, he redeems himself. And then he makes it so Madison cannot ride a bike for DAYS. LUCKY DUCK.

Depth: For me, the meat to this story is at the beginning and then the second half. The beginning when Richard is pulling his head out of his rear end. I love how their inner turmoil is played out for our greedy eyes to read. We get to hear from both sides of the story which is exactly what I wanted for this story. I loved knowing where they each were coming from. And then the second half of the story where it involves Madison's dad. There were definite tears at the end but well worth the smudged mascara.

Samantha Lind has done it again with her latest installment in the Eagles series. These books can be read together, but do not need to be since the characters are all very easy to follow. I recommend snatching this one up on release day!

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