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Review: Power by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Power is book 4 in the phenomenal Seal'ed series and y'all better strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Open your mind, your soul and your heart for this love story because it is definitely not for the weak minded. Layla and Danny's story will push not only their personal boundaries, but the reader's as well. Remember book 2, Love? This one pushed my limits and proved that I can open my mind even farther than I ever could have imagined. Because love is love - no matter the form it comes in.

Story Line: Layla is a big wig at her family's firm. She's a total hard @$$. She has a zero effs given attitude and never apologizes. She likes to have complete and utter control over every aspect of her life. And then there's Danny. Sweet Danny. He doesn't have blood family members. His family is his SEAL family. Except there's one big hiccup with that - he doesn't feel accepted by his fellow SEAL's. Danny struggles to feel like he belongs somewhere. And when he meets Layla? Before he could even try to decipher what his brain was thinking, his body was reacting. I think the big diclaimer I will leave here is this - Layla is a Domme. Danny has never been a Sub before, but his body immediately reacts to her instructions. So the story between these two is definitely one of self discovery and pushing limits. I've never read a book where the female lead was the dominant one. I've read books where the couple are "switches" or can reverse rolls essentially. But never like this. I was apprehensive at first, but man, once I got into this book, there was no way I was going to be able to stop before I finished. I think I set a world record reading it. No, seriously. I finished in less than 2 hours. And this isn't a novella. Both of these characters make transformations, but they aren't huge changes. They both very much stray true to who they are. Layla is still a biotch, she just softens her edges slightly. And Danny definitely doesn't lose his man card. He just embraces his true identity and recognizes that he has found his other half.

Interaction: I honestly thought this would be my biggest hindrance in Power. Since she was the one in charge essentially, and he was submitting to her every whim, I didn't know how I could get my teeny, tiny brain to wrap around that. Spoiler alert, it wasn't even an issue. Their interaction and communication was seamless. There wasn't a single ounce of awkwardness. Not gonna lie, her witchiness was unsettling at times, but that's just who she is. Layla is the way she is for a reason, and although she comes across as someone who would probably intimidate the crap out of me in real life, I accepted her for who she is and I wouldn't change a single thing about her. Because you will learn, as I did, she is absolutely perfect for Danny. She's the ying to his yang, his soulmate. And I love them for the equal brokenness.

Laundry: Remember when I said to strap yourselves in? Yeah, just remember that part. Because the laundry in this book pushed even my own naughty boundaries. Things happened I never thought I would find attractive. Mental images were vividly painted. And I loved it. All of it. I want more of it. Layla is queen boss pants - and no pants for that matter. And Danny loves it. Eats it up. Literally. Just remember, this love story isn't your own. So if you're not a Domme like Layla, you have no reason to judge. Just open your heart to their love story and appreciate it for what it is. Because love is love. You don't have to understand it. You just need to respect it.

Depth: I was so freaking happy when Layla's back story was revealed. My thing with people - real or fictional - is I want to find a way to wrap my head around actions I find questionable. Layla's hard as nails communication tactics? Yeah, I needed to know just a little bit about what made her so frosty. And it as soon as I got what I wished for, I ached for her. No, not in the dirty way. But in the heartbreaking way. Layla's story is so much worse than you could imagine. She is the way she is with so much justification. She's a shattered soul. And so is Danny. Their inner demons and struggles twisted my heart in ways a book never has before. And then to realize they found the one person in the universe that could help lead them from the darkness? It was absolutely beautiful.

Y'all. This book will push you to your breaking point. But it will also leave you so freaking satisfied that you will be begging the authors for the final installment in this series. Power was a big pill to swallow, but dang am I glad I took the plunge. Layla and Danny's love story was tragic, broken and absolutely sensational.

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