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Review: Roadster by Danielle Norman

I'm going to be shut the front door honest with y'all. Tough as nails women scare the crap out of me. I used to tell my husband any woman who has a shoulder tattoo could probably make me pee my pants just by looking at me. I'm a certified wuss. So reading a story about 4 tough as nails women had me both intrigued and terrified. However, with that being said. I will say this. Never judge a book by it's cover/synopsis alone. Because Roaster is so much more than it seems.

Story Line: Roadster is Adeline's story. And before you assume this is strictly about the chick biker gang like in her Iron Orchids series, slow your roll. Adeline loves her bike, don't get me wrong, but her need for speed is definitely not restricted to her motorcycle. Adeline and her 3 girlfriends she met in college started a private PI business. They each have something equally unique to bring to the table. Adeline's weapon? Her sexuality for one. Her MAD driving skills for two. And her smarter than smart head. But girlfriend, you have met your match with Riley. Riley is the brother of their current client - Loren. She's married to a man with too much power for his own good. And she wants out. Because no one wants to remain married to a slime ball cheater cheater pumpkin eater. Riley and Adeline immediately smart visible chemistry. Even her girls tell her so. But Adeline's full of snark, sass and comebacks. Until she snaps. And oh lord, when she snaps? You're going to need a bottle of wine and your significant other/ B.O.B. handy because it is HOT.

Interaction: Adeline and Riley's communication is probably my favorite part of their relationship. She is seriously hilarious. Like, if she didn't scare me with her bada$$ness, I would totally want her to be my bestie. Seriously. No exaggeration whatsoever. She's so funny and has the sharpest tongue. I could learn a lot from her. But she legit has met her match with Riley. Because he does not let her win. He's always got a comeback too. And that totally throws her off her game. Which is, of course, the best.

Laundry: Roaster is a slow burn, but you will hear zero complaints from me here. The first part of the book is establishing the PI business - how it came about, what everyone does and what their current case is. But that only intrigued me more. But this section is about laundry so I'll just skip straight to that. Usually when the super naughty, angsty stuff snaps, it's both parties coming together at the same time. Nope, Riley has left the door wide open for this beauty. But it takes her a while to come around to the inevitable. And when she does come a knocking? EXPLOSION. HOT. DIRTY laundry ensues. And darling, you won't be disappointed.

Depth: The PI business and exploiting the sleezeball really gave this story everything I was looking for. Yes, there's an incredible love story and yes they have dirty laundry, but how these uber intelligent women expose him and free his soon to be ex-wife and their daughter from the hell he created? I loved every single moment of it.

Roadster was not just about a speed loving, adrenaline ride. It was about 4 women who have created an incredible business that helps women safely remove themselves from bad relationships. These ladies are my heros. And it doesn't hurt that this one ended in a perfect happily ever after for Adeline and Riley.

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