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Review: Roped Into Love by Elisa Leigh

If there is one thing in this life that is guaranteed, it's this - I love me some sexy cowboys. I don't know what it is about them, but if I read a book title/description and I see cowboy or ranch or country, I'm a goner. My first read by this talented author was Holding Onto Kinsley and based on my review, I think we all know how much I loved that one. So, it was a no brainer with Roped Into Love.

Story Line: Abby is a seriously talented baker. Leland is a seriously successful ranch owner. Their worlds collide when her tasty treats become somewhat of an addiction to our sexy cowboy and he all but demands the recipe. Come on now, Leland. You know women never give away our deepest secrets. Tisk Tisk. But of course, that's not the end to their adorable banter. No, poor Abby legit has the worst luck. But of course, as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. And thank the good Lord for that. Because without bad luck, Abby wouldn't have gotten her happily ever after as soon as she did. I loved her independence, but I loved what Leland offered her too. Their chemistry and angsty build up was perfectly paced and incredibly well written.

Interaction: Leland is a man who is used to getting what he wants. So of course he saw zero problem with asking Abby for the recipe for her cinnamon rolls. I mean, duh, she would save him a trip to the dinner every other day if she would just give it up. Men. Insert eye roll here. Abby has been making ends meet and taking care of herself forever it seems. So, her drive, passion and enthusiasm shines bright. I loved her character and I loved her ability to keep Mr. Alpha man on his toes.

Laundry: There was some delayed gratification, folks. Don't be alarmed and don't you dare let that deter you. Patience grasshopper. These two need some time to build their solid foundation before getting to the good stuff. But once they do? So. Freaking. Hot. He's a cowboy, and obviously I'm partial to them. I had high expectations for his abilities. And he definitely didn't disappoint.

Depth: Abby's character brings a good amount of the story line to the table. Her past, her modesty and her so sweet nature all lead up to some unexpected creepiness. But with drama, comes a night in shining armor to the rescue. And who doesn't love a man who will put his life on the line for his leading lady? I will say that the drama was totally unexpected and I absolutely had a "Well, that escalated quickly" moment. And for those of you who have read my reviews before, you know I adore a book that can surprise me. I loved this quick read and know you guys will too :)

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