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Review: Royal Bastard by Nana Malone

These royals written by the oh so cleaver Nana Malone are quickly becoming my favorites. These characters and their personalities are seriously amazeballs. Royal Bastard had everything I'm looking for. Scandal, secret prince, suspense, running from royalty - the whole shabang. It was a wild ride and I loved each and every moment.

Story Line: So the book kicks off at the royal wedding of Lucas's brother who is basically the king now. But you see, Lucas is a prince who didn't know he was a prince until very, very recently. So he hasn't lived the charmed life everyone assumes he has. But his big bro and sister in law both love him to death, so that's definitely a win for the new prince charming. Insert Bryna. She's actual royalty. And her parents embody all the politics that come with being of that bloodline. So Bryna is fleeing the wedding and finds herself face to face with too handsome for his own good Lucas.

Fastforward to NYC where our characters run into one another again. Except here's where the real fun begins. I honestly didn't know what to expect with these two crossing paths again. What I was NOT expecting was just how deep the drama runs for poor Lucas. I knew Bryna was going to have a problem since she had to sneak out a window of a wedding to escape the chains of her family. But Lucas? Man, poor guy. I was really hoping he would finally get an easy life. And then that ending? OH EM GEE. I need book 2 like right NOW!

Interaction: I love me some sass. We all know this. Sassy characters are my JAM. Bryna brings all the boys to the yard with her sharp tongue, major sass factor and her determination. LOVE HER. The banter between Bryna and Lucas is absolutely epic. They are witty, so funny, and so sweet all rolled up into one perfect package.

Laundry: Holy delayed gratification, batman! Lucas must have had blue balls for at least half of this book. He held back way more than I thought possible. And Bryna? Girlfriend, I know the wait was worth it, but holy smokes. I ached for you! These two had some of the BEST angsty scenes I've ever read. The amount of longing I felt between them was almost too much to bear. And when I felt like I couldn't take any more tension, BOOM. Fireworks.

Depth: I think it's always assumed that everything is peaches and cream with royal families - that their lives are just hunky dory all day long. This book clearly squashes that theory. With royalty comes so much expectation, tension and politics. I ate up every word about this family and their backstory all the while holding my breath waiting for the next shoe to fall. This family is far from perfect, but I think that makes me love them even more. I love their imperfections and I love how they overcome anything and everything that is thrown at them. This love story was easily one of my favorites and I know everyone else will love it too.

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