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Review: Safe, In His Arms by KL Donn

If you're ever in a reading slump and need something steamy to "Stella got her groove back", Safe, In His Arms is literally the best option. It's a quick read but it is absolutely NOT lacking in any department. You've got a banging story line, naughty laundry and super likable characters. Seriously. You cannot go wrong with KL Donn. And this latest release? YUM.

Story Line: Can I just say I love fairy tale story lines? I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say? I'm so lucky I married the least romantic man on the planet. Okay, he's not that bad. But romance isn't his really his forte. Kinky laundry on the other hand... Sorry, this book brought out a lot of naughty thoughts apparently. Grace is our modern day cinderella. Thankfully, she escapes her New York apartment tower and starts her life fresh on her own. Enter Onyx. Side note, Onyx may be the hottest name ever for a cop, just saying. Onyx is 6 foot 6 of pure muscle and hotness. He sees our beauty and it's insta-possessive attraction. Swoon. I loved their fast paced love story so hard. Seriously. Some may be negative nelly's and say it's too fast, but you know what? Sometime love really does work that quickly. My hubby and I ran into each other at a bar and within 24 hours I knew I'd found my other half. So, to all of you naysayers... shut it. Love is love. It doesn't have a time line. And KL Donn just proved it with this bomb dot com love story.

Interaction: Onyx, you alpha hottie you. I could just eat you with a spoon. He tells Grace exactly how he's feeling, when he's feeling it. Can you say praise hallelujah? Okay maybe not that dramatic. For the love of all that is holy, do not read this book in church. Or do, if you like pushing the limits and all that. Back on track, Onyx is very straight forward with his woman. Grace never questions for a single second how this man feels about her. And he brings out the best qualities in her. Literally page by page we see Grace come out of her shell and it's absolutely beautiful. That's what happens when your soul recognizes its counterpart. Love brings out the best in all of us.

Laundry: Good lord. Onyx is the tallest laundry on a stick I've ever read about. No exaggeration, y'all. He definitely has a presence about him. And here's beautiful, innocent Grace who knocks this big brooding man on his rear end. And the first time they come together? OMG I want that. I want to reread that scene over and over and over again. Of course, because food is life, I was just a little saddened they didn't get to eat the dinner she made him. But I think I'll let it slide since the reason they missed out was clearly worth it.

Depth: The cinderella story line has been told in modern day scenarios many times. That's no secret. But what sets this one apart from the rest is in the details. The story isn't twisted and pulled apart to make it overly complex. Sure, there's depth there. Evil step mother, starting life over, falls, etc. But those little details never overpower the true story here- a love story. This is the story about two people who were destined to be together. It's how they fell in love and how they found their happily ever after. And it was told in such a beautifully realistic way that you can't help but finish with a huge smile on your face.

Go pick it up on Amazon right now. You will inhale this book just like I did. Scouts honor.

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