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Review: Skins by Laura Rossi

One of the great things about having a Facebook page for this blog, is 1) posting funny and slightly inappropriate things and 2) telling people what I'm currently reading and asking them to share what's on their eReaders too. I absolutely adore learning about new authors and books that way. So, when I was told to read Skins by Laura Rossi, I immediately looked it up, saw it was most definitely my cup of tea, and moved it to the top of the list.

Story Line: Dirty mob, underground fighting, manipulation, secret baby, you name it. This dark romance literally has it all. Andrea is married to a very powerful and extremely evil mobster. One night, she escapes her security detail and has a night of freedom and hot, forbidden laundry with a guy she saw at a bar. That guy? Well, they call him Killer because he's an undefeated fighter. Fastforward years later, and fate puts them back together. Except her soon to be ex-husband is in hiding. And Andrea and her son Eddy have a big target on their heads.

It's Killer (Sebastian) and Andrea versus the world it seems. They are constantly on the run and in hiding, yet somehow make the impossible, possible but giving sweet Eddy a chance to be a little boy and play every chance they get. Seriously, melt my heart. I mean, this story is dark, don't get me wrong, but I love, love, loved that this innocent boy was able to still be a kid and play at playgrounds all the while Sebastian and Andrea are doing everything in their power to keep him safe. And it's a heart stopping race to the end of this book, let me tell you. Once the running began, I don't think I actually took a deep breath until the final page. SO GOOD.

Interaction: Andrea initially comes off as an incredibly broken and damaged woman. She's quiet, withdrawn and has the saddest eyes Sebastian has ever seen. But as the story goes on, and we see her interact with her son, she pulls the broken pieces together and becomes much stronger than I honestly thought possible. Sebastian is a driving force for her. He doesn't bully her or go all alpha he-man on her either. He just encourages and supports.

Laundry: So, the very first time Andrea and Sebastian meet/have laundry, it's incredibly classy and tastefully written about - to the point that it's almost "fade to black". Now, please don't read too much into this. All of the laundry in this book is written beautifully and with the utmost class. But it's not all fade to black. Oh no. It's steamy - oh is it steamy. Trust me on this one, you're going to want to read the deliciousness that is Sebastian and Andrea.

Depth: I think it goes without saying that this book isn't just a bunch of naughty laundry with a little story line thrown in. There's quite a bit of meat to sink your teeth into. Having mob involvement alone makes for a very unpredictable story. Because with the mob- all bets are off and everything is on the table. You're not going to be able to tell the future for our love birds, that's for sure.

Andrea and Sebastian grew into a serious power couple. They are so strong and independent at the same time. I loved them more and more with each passing chapter. I cannot wait for the next installment!

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