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Review: Sleight of Hand by BJ Bentley

Happy Release Day, BJ Bentley! This book was the perfect addition to the Syndicate series. Book 1, Finders Keepers, was top notch. The bar was seat extremely high for Sleight of Hand. And boy, did she deliver. In fact, she took that bar and threw it like a javelin.

Story Line: Bertie kicks off book 2 with a bang. Literally. She's pretty helpless and in need of saving. And who better to save her than Charlotte and Jensen from book 1. So, it's through Jensen that Bertie meets her true knight in shining armor - Aleksander. It's immediate attraction for him. Bertie on the other hand? She's got enough sass to fuel an army of women who aren't getting their way. But it doesn't take long for Bertie to realize she truly needs Alek to survive. Especially since she has something of great value that some super dangerous men want desperately. The road for Alek and Bertie isn't smooth. It's jagged and full of sharp turns. But it was a heck of a ride, with several scenes I truly never saw coming. I believe I had to manually lift my jaw off the floor at least three times. YEAH.

Interaction: Aleksander is this blend of mucho, macho man, borderline crazy alpha man and unexpectedly sweet and caring. Seriously. How is that even possible? But it totally works. And Bertie. Oh, Bertie. She is this little thing with the attitude 10 times her size. I love her. She fights hard. And loves harder. And Alek sees that when even I, the reader, couldn't see past it at times. He treats her with the utmost care, even when there are times it is challenging to see past his dominant alpha nature. I won't sugar coat it, he's a Dom. He doesn't hide that fact from anyone. And the interactions with Bertie start off a little hard to swallow, but by the end, everything makes sense. Every single scene is perfection.

Laundry: It's been a while since I've read a Dom/Sub laundry scene. So it took me a hot second to adjust and get into it. But man, once I did, it was incredible. Every single time these two play, it's sexy as sin. Alek is everything you could ever hop for in a sub. He's firm, does not have a single problem with withholding release, and is oh, so sweet afterwards. Most of the time. Maybe. I don't know what proper protocol is, but the way Alek is? That's exactly what I picture.

Depth: Snorts. Like I even need to explain that this book is more than laundry and love making. These Syndicate men are intense, to say the least. And Alek is no exception. He brings drama wherever he goes. Even to Barcelona. The jerk. But he makes no apologies for the business he runs. Because much like Bertie, he's a hard person. He takes zero crap from anyone. And if you're on his side? You have protection for life. And let me give you a little hint. He wants Bertie on his side. All. The. Time.

Pick up Sleight of Hand TODAY at its special release price of $1.99! That's a legit steal (pun intended!) for this book. You will LOVE it!

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