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Review: Spiced Holiday Kisses

Give me all of the Christmas novellas. Seriously. I cannot get enough of these sweet, sexy and sassy love stories. Spiced Holiday Kisses gives us SIX incredible stories from SIX crazy talented authors. Each story is unique, well written and paints a fictional world worth envying.

Mistletoe and Other Disasters: Book 1 kicks us off with a bang. Sarah has traveled for her sister's upcoming wedding. The single bridesmaid checks into the hotel only to find her arch nemesis in her hotel room...naked. So, clearly this story is told with humor, steam and everything in between. Damien and Sarah's chemistry is super hot, their angst and sexual tension is so thick you can basically taste it. I loved their story and cannot wait to read more by this author!

Combat Boots and Candy Canes: Book 2 is a military themed romance. The twist is that our heroine Lacey is the on in the military, which I thought was fantastic. She's devoted to the army and home on a short leave. She and Jordan form an unlikely relationship that Lacey pushes away quite a bit. However, they both accept the inevitable and bring some serious steam to the laundry room and agree it's only until she heads back. But some things cannot be left as just a fling. As much as these two love birds try, what they have is far deeper than just a good time with an expiration date. I ADORED this couple!

Thanks To You: I'm going to be honest here. Best friend's brother romance isn't my favorite. HOWEVER, I thoroughly enjoyed Mackenzie and Hunter's love story. Mackenzie and her best friend Hailey are friend goals, for starters. I love their friendship. It was described so well that I felt like I was a third wheel at times - Loved that so much. And then there's sexy, sweet Hunter. Once he realizes there is a mutual attraction, it is GAME ON. I loved reading their love bloom.

Kiss Me: Gabi and Jax are serious couple goals. Gabi is a rock star. Jax has sheltered himself from the world because of his past. A snow storm causes Gabi to crash her car and who is the good Samaritan to save her? Jax. Their chemistry is so hot. Jax is incredibly sweet and patient with Gabi. And I adored teh fact that he doesn't even know who she is, nor does he really care. Over the course of their recovery time together, their bond becomes practically unbreakable. It's beautiful and I loved every second of it.

Unexpected Gift: This story was probably my favorite. I am a sucker for doctors/nurses stories. Amy is a nurse with a troubled past. She's now working at an assisted living facility. The big wigs brought in the head hancho/administrator to straighten things out. That guy is Wes, and he has his sights set on Amy. Together they plan an epic holiday party and along the way, fall for one another. And when I say fall, I mean Amy almost hated him and Wes charmed his way into her pants and heart. Their story is funny, sweet, steamy and oh so good. And that ending? MY FAVORITE.

Stirrups and Stockings: A story about a horse doctor and a hot rancher? YES PLEASE. Oh, and it's centered around Christmas? SOLD. Lauren is the new vet in town. There's an emergency call at a local ranch that the normal vet cannot take. This call takes her to Garrett's family horse ranch. When these two meet it isn't exactly love at first sight. But what it is, is planting a seed between these two. Lauren finds herself back at the ranch and suddenly snowed in. And over the course of the Christmas holiday, they find quite a few way to keep each other warm. Garrett's even a little alpha/bondage in the bedroom which was smoking hot.

All in all these 6 holiday themed novellas were an absolutely joy to read. Each story is unique, a stand alone and a quick enjoyable read. These authors are each wonderful in their own right. You won't be disappointed in Spiced Holiday Kisses!

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