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Review: Stoned by Layla Frost

I have been sitting here, staring at my computer, willing the words to write this review and nothing. It's been hours, folks. But I've gotta start somewhere, even though I'm certain my words will not do Juno's story justice. You see, this book pushed some boundaries for me. When it comes to books, I'm pretty open minded. However, I know what tropes I like, I know what my few triggers are, and all that jazz. But when a one-click author comes out with a series that is not one of your top anythings, you read it anyways. And then everything you've so careful categorized as a "favorite" goes flying out the window.

Story Line: Juno is one of the "Four". What am I talking about? Go read Styx- which is Book 1 in this series - and get back to me. Anywho, the one bit of info I will give you is that each of these 4 individuals will find their soul's other half and just "know". Okay, when I put it that way it sounds lame, but it's beautiful and inspiring and if you don't feel the same way, we can't be friends. Moving on. Who is Juno's leading man? Oh just a cop. (Cop's as the hero is one of my favorites - so hot!) However, back to me and my stupid boundaries. I don't really like nor read supernatural stuff. Like ever. I tried it a few times, my brain was all "let's be logical" and I couldn't do it. HOWEVER, with that being said, Layla's first book in this series got me to open my eyeballs to a whole other class of paranormal type romance. How does this tie into Juno? Well all of the "Four" have supernatural qualities. Juno's powers basically make her a witch. I'm also not a fan of witches. However, this story made me Juno's biggest fan. I may go dye my hair blue and pink after this. Who knows. Bottom line when it comes to the story line? Things hit the fan, I cried more than one time, there's a happily ever after and then there's the WHAT THE EFF at the end. Good stuff right?

Interaction: Stellan is a hot shot cop. Juno is a business owner whose business just got targeted. Hence their paths cross. And oh mama, when Juno's eyes land on mr hot pants? I adore her inner monologue so freaking much. She's sweet, sassy and strong all rolled into one gorgeous person. Their attraction is inevitable. I mean, you heard what I said about just "knowing" right? Their souls recognize each other and it's brilliant. I loved their chemistry even more than Denny and Nate, which I truly did not think would be possible. Juno and Stellan's connection is just so REAL. Everything about them was described in such detail, I swore it was my relationship being described instead of fictional characters.

Laundry: Oh Layla, woman you are my hero. You write the BEST laundry. I mean, seriously. I want Stellan all for myself. I'm pretty sure Juno can beat me to a pulp with just a flick of the finger, so I'm not actually serious. But MAN these two are so freaking hot. I love their foreplay. Heck, I love their heated looks they give one another. I mean, everything EVERYTHING about these two is FIRE.

Depth: The Four's story line is so intricate and complex that I was afraid I would forget some of it or not retain enough from Styx to Stoned. Clearly I don't have enough faith. Layla does an incredible job of creating this story so vividly descriptive. It's impossible not to be totally and whole heartedly invested in each and every character. I felt like I went to heaven and hell right along side these characters. If I didn't love this author so much already, I would be so mad at her for a certain part of this book which had me crying big fat ugly crocodile tears. But at the end of the day, even the sad parts were written with such grace and compassion, that even me - the queen grudge holder - can't be mad any longer. Stoned was perfect. It's everything you wanted from Juno's story - and so much more.

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