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Review: Stronger by Syd Ryan

I think I got a little tipsy reading this book. Tipsy on the chemistry between Regan and Grayson. Tipsy on the amount of wine the characters consumed. A tipsy on the built up laundry frustration, if you know what I mean ;) This book was seriously so good. It started with a bang and held my attention until the very last words.

Story Line: Regan is a nurse at the local hospital. She has a brain dead patient come in and her world falls apart. Her still-in-the-honeymoon-phase boyfriend (Jake)has sadly passed away. And this is literally just the beginning. Regan has to deal with his toxic mother as well as somehow try to grieve the loss of someone who was so important to her. Insert Grayson. He is Jake's best friend and probably the sweetest alpha I've ever read about. There were times that I asked myself, do I consider him alpha? And then the next chapter he does something so caveman, you're like, yeah, you're right - total alpha-man.

This story legit has all the feels. You will cry with Regan. You will be huffy and puffy when it comes to Jake's mom, and you will absolutely swoon over Grayson - which is the hottest name, by the way. Oh and then there's that other fun (cough, cough NOT) surprise that Syd through in there for us. Let me just say, that was not a twist I wanted to see. There's a delightful little detail that the author keeps giving us hints about, but I turned the blind eye because I didn't want to believe what my mind was already telling me. So, prepare yourself to hate a whole lot more than just Jake's mother.

Interaction: Regan is a wreck. And that's putting it mildly. But come on now, put yourself in her shoes for a hot second. She truly thought Jake was her forever. And now he's gone. So she cries - a lot. And I'm not one to judge because I cry at least once a day. I know. Totally annoying. Anyways, so for her, it's super unexpected to feel a spark whenever Grayson is near. But that spark is persistent and eventually they both give in. What's great about this, is it isn't rushed. Sure Grayson is available at the drop of a hat for Regan, but they spend a lot of time together and fight their connection for a while too. If they were quick to jump into a relationship, I wouldn't have loved this book as much as I did. I adored the realness of the story line so much.

Laundry: Say hello to a fantastic slow burn. And their first laundry-type encounter happened over the phone. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not the biggest fan of phone laundry, but it was seriously hot. Grayson has a dirty mouth on him which is so different than the sweet, sensitive and caring man we get to know prior to this scene. Oh, and the scene at the strip club? Also, not a fan of strip clubs. Don't really like reading about them or going to them (sorry hubby). But the scene inside the strip club here? I was fanning myself and had to take a little break because I was all hot and bothered. YUM.

Depth: Stronger is a story about overcoming life when your world is turned upside down. It's about taking things day by day and having faith that the pain and hurt won't be around forever. Grayson and Regan form a connection stronger than anything I could have dreamed of. They both come out of this story stronger than ever before - as individuals and as a couple. It's beautiful and empowering.

Pick it up with KU or for $2.99 today :)

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