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Review: Styx by Layla Frost

There are some authors you read no matter what. For me, LF is one of those authors. When this cover was revealed, I knew I had to get my greedy hands on it. I mean, look at it. Holy smokes. So when it was delivered to my Kindle, I jumped in without a second thought. And finished this bad boy in one sitting. Okay, that's a tiny fib. I fell asleep at 87%. But finished as soon as I woke up. And oh my stars. Styx is everything you're imagining it to be. And so much more.

Story Line: Moment of honesty here, folks. It's been years since I've read paranormal. I went through a phase where I read a ton of it - shifters, special powers, vampires, you name it. And then it's like I had read my fill of those types of romances, and promptly set the rest of them aside. If you're reading this and thinking "paranormal really isn't my thing", just keep reading this review. Because paranormal hasn't really been my ting for a couple years and here I am fangirling over a book because it's THAT GOOD. Hayden is our heroine and Nate is our sexy beast of a bearded man. Hayden (aka Denny) inherits her grandma's home when she passes. Stuck inside the walls of that home is Nate. She and Nate form a air tight bond over time, except there's one hitch. She can feel his presence, nearly feel his touch. However she cannot see him. Crazy right? My first thought was "Oh come on!" but then as the pages went on, the more I fell for this ghost of a man. I'm not kidding. There was something so freaking attractive about Denny not being able to see him. And Layla may talk about magick in this story, but I'm telling you, the magick is in her character building and story telling. She made this non-paranormal fan completely and irrevocably invested in her words and hang on to her every syllable.

Interaction: What is it about the dangerous factor that makes things that much hotter? Denny legit cannot see Nate. Yet they have conversations, he talks to her bestie, cooks for her, etc. Don't try and wrap your head around it. Just let Layla explain it to you. Because this story is unlike anything you will ever read. Just when you think something is way out in left field, she explains it or justifies what you just read and you'll be thinking to yourself "She's a literary genius. It's official." The communication between our two main characters is non-traditional, yet so absolutely perfect. Their attraction is built on interaction as opposed to physical attributes. That in itself is so freaking beautiful. I love that message it sends so dang much.

Laundry: So, you're probably asking yourself how does this book have laundry if she cannot see her leading man? Oh child. Don't give it a second thought. Because with Layla, all things are possible. To answer that question rolling around in your head - yes, there's is naughty, naughty laundry in Styx. And yes is totally believable, realistic and toe curling. Nate may have been dormant for hundreds of years, but he definitely did not lose his abilities, if you know what I'm saying ;)

Depth: There is so much more to this book than a ghost, a crappy childhood and some magick. This book is layer upon layer of beautiful story telling, complex imagery and finger tingling angst. The dynamic between the two main character is unlike anything I've ever read before. Building a relationship so strong with the lack of sight is no easy feat. And even though Nate's presence isn't always seen, it is described in such intricate detail, that I felt like I knew what he looked like from the very beginning.

Saddle up, folks. Pour yourself a glass of scotch and settle in for a love story above all love stories. You will fall in love with Denny, Nate, Lula, Chase and especially Juno. Every character is crafted to perfection. Now, we wait for book 2 and the epilogue to end all epilogues.

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