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Review: Summer Seduction by Rachel Van Dyken

I think we all know you cannot go wrong with picking up a Rachel Van Dyken book. And this Cruel Summer series definitely does not disappoint. This is book two in the series. I'm going to be perfectly honest. You will want to read book 1 in the series, HOWEVER, a friend of mine read book 2 without reading book 1, and still understood everything that was going on. So, do with that what you may. ;)

Story Line: Ray and Marlo's story picks up at his camp (he's the director and she's the choreographer). The opening scene would be super hot, however it resumes at a very unfortunate time. But that's really par for the course with these two. They have hot, explosive laundry and then the universe decides they need to cool it. You know the saying "it's a thin line between love and hate"? I'm pretty sure this book is the epitome of that phrase. Marlo initially wanted revenge on the beautiful and (in his eyes) unattainable Ray. Their history goes back - like way back. She hurt him all those years ago, then remained as the one the got away. The tug, the push and pull, the angst. I loved it. HARD.

Interaction: The way Ray and Marlo communicate is sensational. They are sarcastic, witty and yet so very in sync. They dish out insults one page and then are playing with fire the next. I love the yo-yo effect their communication creates. And don't even get me started on the other guys in this book. I love their friends. They are so funny - the perfect comic relief. I think I could go on and on about why I love the characters of these books for days. But who wants to read something that's NOT a book for that long? Not I, said the cat.

Laundry: You know how we all have those summer lovin' fantasies? Don't lie, you know you do. I made one of mine a reality by having naughty laundry in a corn field once. Not even sorry. But another one of my fantasies involves a summer camp and a cabin. It's like RVD climbed into my head and wrote out dirty wish list. Seriously though. The "hate" laundry in this book is off the flippin' charts. And that revenge shower scene? OMG I may need a cold shower just from the memory.

Depth: Ray is that woman who has the funniest combacks, gives the best advice and walks around like she doesn't have a care in the world. She's also that woman who is fighting an inner battle that no one knows about. There is so much beautiful contradiction in this book. Strong yet scared, attraction yet distance, love yet hate, etc. But all of it works so incredibly perfect for the story and its characters. This was a quick read - mainly because I could not force my eyes to look away even if my boss was standing right behind me tapping her foot. Totally didn't happen but the possibility was valid. Summer Seduction had my seduced from the very first page. It was full of angst, temptation and laughter. Now I will sit her bobbing my foot up and down, impatiently waiting for book 3.

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