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Review: The Billionaire's Wake-up-call Girl by Annika Martin

I'm not going to lie to y'all, I'm not a huge "One-clicker" of books that have a title like "The Billionaire's baby daddy, The Billionaire's virgin bride" etc. But this one. This one right here. Totally caught my eye. Now before you say I'm being a judgmental jack wagon, hear me out. I have NO problem with those books and I'm not knocking a single one of them. I just like a little mystery with my title. ANYWHO, I read the blurb for this one and immediately filled out the form for an ARC. And as soon as it was delivered to my Kindle, I could not stop myself from opening it up immediately.

Story Line: So, Lizzie has a pretty crazy past. She had a bakery and then sadly lost it all. She took a job working for scientist/billionaire Theo because the signing bonus was giant. Like finally dig yourself out of the hole, huge. All she had to do was get through the trial period. Only that is much easier said than done. Theo is a giant douche. And he needs a phone service to wake his lazy butt up every morning at 4:30am on the dot. And NO ONE will do it. So, Lizzie takes it upon herself and does the job herself. And in a quite unorthodox way. In a very sassy, snarky and hilarious way. Hence the name of the book. But it's not just about the call girl aspect. There's so much more to the story line. There's darkness, there's betrayal and there's so much tension. But it's so, so good. I was on the edge of my seat until the final pages praying for that HEA. And dang, it was so good.

Interaction: Theo is such a typical alpha male. He speaks to his employees in grunts. It's eye roll worthy and sort of funny. And Lizzie is having none of it. She gives him sass when he wants plain Jane. She gives him fire when he wants compliance. It's downright funny at times. But it just adds fuel to their fire. Because there are sparks. Oh yes. Lots of sparks. Until there's nothing but lava in the bedroom, on the phone or pretty much anywhere else they can get it.

Laundry: I must be on a phone laundry kick because this is the second book in a few weeks I've read where there's phone laundry and I LOVED IT. Theo and Lizzie have mad chemistry. He's so dominant in everything he does. And she is one of the strongest female characters I've read in quite a while. So that conflict turns to heat and desire of epic proportions.

Depth: Lizzie's character brings a lot of deeper elements to the story. She made a bad relationship choice that lead to a lot of not so great people in her life. And Theo has a pretty big dark cloud looming over him. What's incredible is their ability to work through those stormy pasts gradually. They allow one another to reveal their secrets on their own time. Nothing is forced. And when they accept one another as they are? Its magic.

This is an amazing story of love, forgiveness and moving forward. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves a good love story.

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