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Review: Catastrophe Queen by Emma Hart

Oh, Emma Hart. How I adore your deliciously perfect slow burns. Seriously. How she is able to create these flawlessly flawed characters that I relate to on so many levels in beyond me. Catastrophe Queen may just be my favorite EH book to date. Mallory is hilarious, sweet and the biggest flutz on the planet. Which is, of course, why I love her so much. And Cameron? I never thought real estate guys were that sexy, but hot dog, he is one fine piece of man candy.

Story Line: So our leading lady, Mallory is the Catastrophe Queen. Literally. She trips over air. And every time she trips, or spills, or breaks something, I'm like heck yeah girl, me too! Because seriously, y'all. The struggle is real. Anywho, Mallory gets a job as a big real estate guy's assistant. Insert Cameron. The attraction is pretty quick for these two. There are googly eyes gallore, but with him being her boss, neither really acts on it. Which is awesome because it allows their relationship to progress naturally and slowly. Their friendship is instant, and honestly, I think their love was too. But that's where the slow burn comes in. They push that magnetic attraction away many, many times before the magic finally takes over. And when it does? SO GOOD.

Interaction: I love these two. They remind me of my hubby and I when we first started "talking". Of course we didn't do a whole lot of talking at first, but that's besides the point. Mallory has a super quirky family. I want to say, just like me. But even my family isn't this out there. But I LOVED them so hard. And what's so freaking amazing about Cameron is that he accepts Mallory as she is. Not once does he try to change her. And on several occasions he tells her he doesn't want her to change a single thing about herself because her family, her "hurricane" tenancies, all make her who she is. Can someone please give this guy a major high five? Seriously. He's amazing.

Laundry: Ah, the whole reason you're here, right? I have been told by multiple reads that they love my reviews, but they usually skip to the laundry first. Which, I'm not complaining about at all. As I said in the beginning, Emma Hart is the MASTER of the slow burn. She creates relationships so beautifully developed it makes my entire body buzz with their anticipation. Every kiss, every brush of the shoulder, every almost... left my fingers zingy and my cheeks flushed. So yes, you'll have to wait a bit for the laundry. But when you finally get to read those naughty words, I promise you will think it was worth the wait too.

Depth: For me, the depth came from not only the gradual development of Mallory and Cameron's relationship, but also with their families. Their backgrounds could not be more different. Yet, they both accept each other's families with open arms and so much grace that I feel like I need to apologize to my in-laws right now. I'm not going to, but the thought is there. Cameron's family is conservative, to say the least. Mallory's parents are pretty much my couple goals for the future. Fun fact - Mallory had to set an alarm at the house so her parents would stop having "laundry" all over the house and having her walk in to see it. Yeah. I love them. I want to be them. God, I hope my kids have to go through the same thing. Not because I want them to see. EW GROSS. But I want to be that hot and heavy when I'm in my 50's.

Bottom line: Read this book. You will fall in love with every single character you meet. And when you read that final page? You'll cry a little bit because it's over. SO DANG GOOD.

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