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Review: The Celebrity's Irish Fling by Calliope Raine

The Savani Brothers are back! I was so excited to learn that book two was about Tejas - Mr Celebrity. What I was not expecting was how quickly I would fall for this sexy as sin brother. Tejas is so sweet, affectionate and downright swoonworthy, it's a miracle Edie kept her hands of him for even a single chapter.

Story Line: Tejas is a big time celebrity. He's currently filming a movie but has had enough. He needs an escape. Where does that escape take him? Why, to a quiet little town in Ireland right on the coast. Y'all this town was so beautifully described, I was googling it to see if 1) it was real and 2) if what I was picturing was accurate. And holy smokes, I need to visit Kilmeena. Everything you read of it's beauty and serenity, is absolutely spot on. Edie, our heroine, owns a quaint bed and breakfast of sorts. And as she is about to take her 1 week vacation, a knock comes on the door. Tejas begs for a room and that's where our story begins. The week these two spend together is full of magic, wonder and uber sexy times. They fall fast for one another and I fell right along with them. This is a quick read, and will leave you with all the warm and fuzzies.

Interaction: Tejas was nothing like I expected. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not a big celebrity romance reader. So I expected Tejas to be an mega jerk with an even bigger ego. But he was none of those things. He was so kind and gentle with Edie. I mean they went on a date to a carnival - which I could not love anymore than I already do - and he little gestures and touches made me swoon so hard for him. And Edie's character was just as likable. She's 30 years old and she's a confident woman. What's not to love? She can be sweet, but she can also be a zero eff's given kind of person too. Their chemistry was beautiful and effortless. I loved it.

Laundry: Oh mama. Strap yourself in. Because these two burn up the sheets. They don't play games and they sure as heck don't hesitate in telling each other what they want. Tejas is a sexy beast, but when he and Edie make that dirty laundry, it's pure perfection.

Depth: Being a celebrity on the run from that lifestyle, Tejas brings this story a lot of depth and dimension. His past comes back to try and bite him in bum. The paparazzi suck majorly so there's that too. But even through all that drama, Tejas and Edie never lose sight of their attraction and invisible pull to one another. Like I said earlier, this is a quick read, but it's amazing. Tuck yourself into bed, grab your kindle and get ready for a smoking hot bedtime story that will leave you with the very best naughty dreams.

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