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Review: The Millionaire's Baby Surprise by Calliope Raine

I love discovering new to me authors. Especially ones where I find myself totally and completely immersed in the story they are telling. Well, that's exactly what I found with Calliope Raine's novel. The Millionaire's Baby Surprise is a quick, yet oh so fulfilling read. You will fall in love with Nik and Clara's story from the very beginning. You better clear your morning for this one, because you're finishing it in one sitting.

Story Line: Nik is a super successful businessman. Clara is a super successful doctor. How do their paths cross? In more than one way, actually. Not only do these two live in the same building, just one floor apart, but Nik is about to learn the surprise of a lifetime - he's a dad. And before you get ahead of yourselves, no Clara is not the mother. Clara's friend had a one night stand over 5 years ago with Nik. The result is the cutest little boy ever. Extremely sad and heartbreaking events lead to Nik taking on his dad role quite suddenly. But this is a love story, right? So of course there is more to it than my super watered down synopsis. Yes, Nik and Clara have a mutual attraction. Yes, they get their happily ever after. HOWEVER, this is also a story about a man with more money than he knows what to do with finding out that money cannot buy you everything. Being wealthy doesn't mean you're automatically a great father. There are some things - love from a child and finding true love, that you just can't throw dollar bills at.

Interaction: Clara and Nik have very different communication tactics. Nik and blunt, and to the point. Clara wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a beautiful soft spot for his son, but she keeps her heart guarded from his dad - whom I forgot to mention is know for his revolving door of women coming in and out of his apartment. So, of course, she doesn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. But Clara has much to learn as well. She has to learn that assumptions get you no where and to never, ever judge a book by its cover - especially where Nik is concerned. Once they figure out how well they can work together, it's fairy tale magic. Their emotions and care for one another is so dang beautiful.

Laundry: Oh, do I love me some sexy, confident millionaire laundry. Clara doesn't give in to Nik's advances as quickly as I was hoping (because I'm a horn dog who can't wait apparently lol) But when they do get down to business, oh mama. Nik is one talented man. Their chemistry is so hot. You will not be disappointed!

Depth: I'm not going to lie to y'all. I was not expecting to feel the amount of emotions I did while reading this book. I was expecting to have my toes curl, to swoon and maybe laugh a time or two. But no, within a couple of pages I had tears streaming down my face. My heart hurt so much for this unconventional family. But as each page goes by, the ache and pain you feel for these complex and perfected described character lessens. Reading as Nik grows into the man his son needs is remarkable and beautifully executed. The story everything about it is stunning. I cannot wait to read more by this incredibly talented author.

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