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Review: The Ocean Between Us by Michelle Heard

Emma and Aiden's love story is as beautiful as it is devastating. This is a book for those of you who want the epic romance with grand gestures, but who also need the grit and raw scenes as well. It is not for the faint of heart, but I promise, it will leave you feeling like you just won the lottery.

Story Line: Emma lives in South Africa. She's the daughter of a pretty important family. But she's over being told what to do every moment of every day. I mean, seriously, who wants to live like that? Everything is about image and how it makes the family look. My family isn't as high up or important as hers, but I sadly know what that feels like. A couple of months ago, my sister discovered my blog and promptly sent it to my mom and dad. They were outraged. Said I was disgracing the family and somehow endangering my kids. We went quite a while without speaking. But now it's just the topic no one talks about. Whatever. My story is much less sad than Emma's though. Emma had to flee to the United States to escape the abuse and wrath of her mother. In the states she meets Detective Aiden who is probably the hottest cop on the planet. And also her roommate. Obviously things happen. But what she doesn't expect is the drama that comes with his job. And the expiration of her visa means she has to eventually return to South Africa. But let me tell you, if you think this story is rainbows and unicorns, you are sorely mistaken. Throw in some underground fighting rings, laundry trafficing and a whole lot of other crazy stuff, and that makes this story line one of the most complex I've read in quite a while.

Interaction: Emma is so freaking brave and strong for escaping her own personal h-e- double hockey sticks. And Aiden is seriously tough. I mean, he beats the crap out of people as part of his job, for starters. But the way he is with Emma? You would never know he's a big bad cop. Seriously. He's so sweet and kind and patient with her. As so dang protective. I love it. They develop a trust fast because it comes like second nature to one another. But that trust gets them in trouble. A lot of trouble. Trouble that leads to unthinkable emotional and physical pain. Which once again affirms, Emma is so dang strong.

Laundry: This part of the book I had a love/hate relationship with. Now don't get all flustered. Give me a moment to explain without giving away any spoilers. Aiden and Emma's laundry chemistry is off the charts. It's the perfect mix of sweet, naughty an oh so steamy. But there's another element to this story that involves laundry. And not the good kind. So, take with that what you will. But just know, there's some darn good laundry in this story and you won't be disappointed.

Depth: Sweet baby Jesus, where do I even begin. I went into reading this story thinking it was about a girl who escaped a horrible home life. Which was true. But the depth doesn't even come close to stopping there. Aiden's job really takes its toll on these two. He has a choice to make. Keep his job and risk his personal life. Or risk his job and keep his personal life safe. His choice I hated at first. But as the story develops and takes hard and sharp turns, you realize, he really didn't have a choice. Because this story and the true meat to it, was bigger than we could ever imagine.

The Ocean Between Us was beautifully written, with complex characters, a beautifully brutal story line and a perfect HEA. I would recommend this story to anyone who has an open mind and a big heart.

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