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Review: Three of a Kind by CP Smith

There's something all y'all need to know about this author. CP is brilliant. She weaves the most intricate stories and makes them breathtaking. Book 1 of her Wallflowers series is no exception. You will fall in love with these Georgia peaches and want to move there permanently so you can stir up trouble right along side of Cali, Sienna and Poppy.

Story Line: Three of a Kind is Cali's story. She has lived in Savannah for a while but always shielded herself from new experiences and branching out. Well that all changes when she finally lets her guard down and let's Poppy and Sienna walk into her life. These three form a friendship so worthy of envy, I think even my husband wants to have friendships like them. Next, throw in private investigator Devin. It's swoon at first site for he and Cali. Except it's definitely not smooth sailing. Why is it always the quiet towns that stir up the most drama? Seriously. My heart would have been totally fine with Cali and Devin meeting, dating and living happily ever after the end. But nooooooo. There's a storm brewing and stuff hits the fan. So just have the wine ready, because you're going to need it for what CP has in store for these hilarious beauties.

Interaction: Cali and Devin both have their guards up. Cali more so than Devin, but regardless, they are both hesitant to start anything. But Devin is so alpha. It's delicious. Once he gets it through his thick skull that Cali is it for him? All bets are off. He stops at nothing to keep her safe, protected and loved. He tells her at one point she only has one job and that's to love him. That he will take care of the rest. SO. MUCH. SWOON. But the best part of their interactions come from the rebellious side of Cali. He wants her to stay put and stay out of trouble, and she hears the exact opposite. And of course where there's trouble, the Wallflowers are sure to follow.

Laundry: I'm not gonna lie to you, I wanted laundry on page one. Okay maybe not that early, but once I felt the zing down to my toes of Cali and Devin's chemistry? Yeah I could not wait to read about these two setting the sheets on fire. But of course, per usual, CP knows what's best for her characters. So this was a slow burn, but so worth the wait. Cali and Devin are everything you're hoping for. Scouts honor.

Depth: This story has more depth than I ever imagined possible. There are twists to the story from the get-go. People are murdered, bad guys are plotting, there's an evil grandfather and other relationships brewing. It's beautiful. It's messy. And it's pretty freaking hilarious. These Wallflowers. You just can't help but shake your head at their antics, and love them all the more for it. Cali, Sienna and Poppy's hearts are all in the right places. They are damaged souls, that are finding solace and rejuvination in one another. The friendships alone are enough to make this book worth a pot of gold. The gorgeous love story is just the icing on the cake.

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