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Review: Tossing It by Rachel Robinson

Y'all. I need a minute to compose myself. I picked up this gorgeous ARC and thought to myself, O.M.G., Rachel Robinson is so adorable on Facebook. Her family is so cute. This is going to be the cutest love story of all time. Little did I know, cutie pie Rachel was going to drag my heart through a roller coaster before allowing me to keep my heart in tact. This book is seriously ALL THE FEELS.

Story Line: Malena has it rough. Her mama has dementia. She's been divorced for a couple years because her ex is a complete jerkwad. And then there's Leif. Navy SEAL and totally delicious Leif. He doesn't want a relationship. He is devoted to his job and his job alone. But.... then he meets Malena. And all bets are off and all rules are ON. Ah, the rules. God, I loved this part. They were so organized about their arrangement. And you know what they say about rules? Totally meant to be broken. And boy, did they break them.

And their story doesn't end there. Oh no, because check out the cover. It's a secret baby romance. That's right y'all, Malena gets knocked up and, without giving too much away, has a real hard time telling Leif about it. Then there's the heart stopping ride after that. And the I can't breathe, this cannot be happening chapters after that. And then FINALLY the THANK YOU BABY JESUS moment. Intrigued? You should be.

Interaction: Malena's character is far from expected, at least in my opinion. I imagined her as a broken shell of a woman who is run ragged by her mother. But she's not. She's so strong and just a bit spicy. It's refreshing and empowering. My grandmother was moved into a dementia facility one year ago this month. It was the hardest decision my family had to do. But she had taken a drive to her friends house one day, started a big fight and next thing you know, the police are there and she's being taken away in an ambulance. It's hard to see her each week. Thankfully, like Malena's mom, she still recognizes me. She even remembers I had a baby 10 months ago. But then she thinks we are back in the 70's moments later. It's absolutely earth shattering to see a loved one like that. But Malena showed the world that we all have strength deep down - even when we are at our lowest. She's a tough cookie, but she's even better with Leif. When they throw the rules into the wind, that's when the unbreakable strength comes. Total power couple.

Laundry: So, I'm not gonna lie. The foreplay is almost just as hot as the laundry. Just saying. There are so many times that we think these two are finally going to seal the deal, and then NOPE. But it's that gradual lead up to the good stuff, that makes the laundry so much better. I mean, first of all, it's so tastefully well described, I swear to God I was watching the movie in my head. I felt their emotions and the sweat and the bed moving and yeah. WOW. I need a minute.

Depth: So the depth comes from Malena's past. But it also comes from Leif present day. I refuse to say more than that before I want you to have to go through the heart pumping, refusing to breathe until everything works out moments that I did. I'm so nice, right? But seriously. I did NOT see a few of these chapters/twists coming. But I would not ask to change a single thing. Malena and Leif's story was absolute perfection. It's definitely making it's way onto my top 10 of 2018 list.

Rachel, you wrote an epic love story with Malena and Leif. Their love is something even fairy tale princess's would be envious of. Thank you for writing a story about a love so deep, I will be feeling it in my soul for months to come.

Pick it up on June 29th! Do it!

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