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Review: Unconscious Hearts by Harper Sloan

Not to brag or anything, but I won an ARC of this and could not just be cool about it. I think I bragged to everyone and anything that would listen. You see, I'm one of Harper's biggest fans. So, I'm just going to take a moment to seriously fan-girl over her. Harper Sloan is legendary. Girl crush sigh. There is not a single thing about her I do not love. If you have never read a book by her, you need to rectify that problem asap. You can start with this book, or like I did, start with Corps Security - Axel. Her writing is powerful, her storytelling is unmatched and I'm totally stalker status with her. #sorrynotsorry

Story line: Talk about two people who come from very jaded pasts. Ari (short for Paris) owns a designer resale shop. Thorn also owns and runs a business - a strip club. They meet because Thorn needs to unload millions of dollars of designer items that were left to him in his grandma's will. There's a story there, but I always promise no spoilers. These two hit it off, but Ari is hesitant. She agrees to give him 30 seconds to win her over. Little did she know, that's all it would take for sexy as sin Thorn to have her begging for more.

These two embark on a journey that is so beautifully tainted that it legit brought tears to my eyes. When they open up to one another about their painful pasts, it's hard to read at times. Thorn is everything I never knew I wanted in my alpha hero. Knowing what I do about his past, just makes me love him even more. He's a little older alpha which I didn't really realize I've been craving in my book boyfriends. He knows his man whore days are over the moment he meets Ari. Call it unbelievable, if you want. But once you read how these two interact, you will absolutely believe it.

Interaction: Ari is damaged, yet has the most beautiful soul. Deep down, she's this amazing, vibrant and strong willed woman. But she has built powerful walls around her heart to prevent further suffering. Thank God for Thorn. Thank God he is just persistent enough to break down her stubborn and fearful thoughts. And he's actually open to talking about what made them the way they are. I'll tell you this, when you read about Thorn's upbringing, and you DON'T cry? You're dead inside. Just saying.

Laundry: Swear to the big man upstairs, Harper Sloan writes the BEST laundry. There isn't a single scene I've read by her that has not been added to my laundry bucket list. The chemistry between these characters isn't compatible to any other I've read to date. She takes sizzling, scorching, sexy parts of this story to levels I only dreamed of. Prepare yourself for what you're about to read. It's about to get naughty and so dang delicious.

Depth: I do not think I properly prepared myself for the level of depth Harper brings to her novels. Just when I thought Thorn and Ari were hitting a #couplegoals groove, Harper had to rip the rug out from under me. I mean, I should have known something was coming because as much as Harper loves cats, everything isn't always rainbows and kittens in her story world. Which, side note, I'm pretty sure the cat Dwight is really her IRL cat, Sir Kevin McGingerpants.

Thorn and Ari's story is nothing short of epic. They are two perfectly imperfect people who came together and finally healed. Their HEA puts Cinderella's to shame. These words I'm writing cannot do their story justice with just how incredible it was. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to read this a week before its release. #IbeatforThorn

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